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Paris is Burning

fashion angel tattoo backpiece smoking

It is still pretty rare to see a fashion editorial using tattoos on girls- especially real ones. This is more a tattoo shoot gone fashion than vice versa-  it was shot for Inked, although they don’t have a photographer listed. Still, it’s nice to see the combination of high fashion and decent ink.

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  1. @typhoid

    I appreciate them! Then again, I am bit of a geek. 😀

    But, yeah, I think most of the sensible readers on this site are all pretty tired of people thinking getting some ink done automatically makes them edgy.
    And, hey, no one’s said anything about the unoriginal angel!
    By the way:
    Stars > Angel wings
    Because angel wings on your back is about as unoriginal and cheesy as it gets.

  2. @McCrackin Of course stars are entirely unoriginal and everywhere, the universe is infinitely expanding and new baby stars are being born every second adding to the hundreds of billions already there and oh who am I kidding no one appreciates cheesy astrophysics jokes anymore.

    (Two atoms walk into a bar, one turns to the other and says “woah, think I just lost an electron!” the other atom turns to his buddy and says “woah, dude, are you sure?” first atom says “yeah, I’m positive!”)

  3. Piggy they crossed my mind too when I saw this. Srsly the Weeping Angels are the creepiest things on the show.

    Whomever did her back did a fantastic job but I’m so over stars. They’re everywhere and they aren’t original so just -stop-.

  4. IDK, I’m getting a little sick of people acting like just because something involves tattooed women it is automatically artistic, edgy, and alternative. I’m also really sick of seeing women with tattoos who dress up like vintage pin-up girls and act like that makes them a unique and fascinating cultural contradiction, maybe if they had done that in the 1950’s it would be shocking but now it just called rockabilly (it’s also really annoying how they all think they look like Betty Page just because they have blunt bangs.)
    These shots, however, are a refreshing exception and the tattoos themselves are very beautiful.

  5. lov lov lov
    her back piece is more a work of art,than in your face.
    her star reminds me of Dr Suess ‘Star Belly Sneeches’ gone the way of hot

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