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Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born’s Spring 2010 show, via Fashionising

First of all, that totally looks like one of my hats hidden in that wig. Except I thing it’s a springbok, not a roe deer.

And secondly, that is the best drag queen Mardi Gras outfit ever, worthy of Fifi Mahoney herself.

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  1. Some of the best romance books are definitely the classics. jane austen, charlotte bronte, emily bronte, etc. They are kind of hard to get into at first, but once you have they’re almost impossible to quit reading.

  2. The last picture almost made me start rifling through my drawers for my jar of sprit gum and some Nottingham lace I have, but then I realised that sporting the laceface look outside of a fashion shoot is probably A Step Too Far. I’ll come back when I’ve grown a pair.

  3. Is that some kind of jelly dildo-type thing in her hair? (sorry working at a place that sells stuff like that my mind is constantly in the gutter)