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Shoeturday : Rain Dogs

Many moons ago, we received an email from a reader requesting rain boots that didn’t look like they were bought at a bait and tackle shop. ┬áIt’s taken us this long, but the London Town Rain Boot from Free People may have saved the day.

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  1. Honestly? I just wear my Dr. Martens. If I remember to weatherproof them now and again, they’re perfectly fine unless you’re actually planning on wading.

  2. The Hunter ones are pretty fabulous.

    Personally, I prefer all the silly ones you can find nowadays with skulls, etc on them. With raingear I try to keep my sense of humor and whimsy, even if I normally opt for something more pared-down.

  3. It must just be crazy British slang, but a “bait and tackle shop” sounds like such a dirty euphemism. /snicker