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One of our favorite DIY blogs, OutsaPop, tells us how to shred shirts!

It is done all by hand, pulled, but it´s not threads you´re pulling but LOOPS. Jersey is a lightweight knit so it is formed from small loops. If you take one loop from the bottom and pull that, the knit will start unraveling from each side. Unravel a complite layer from the whole bottom first. Then take one loop at a time, less than your fingers width from each other and start unraveling. It is easier to work the two sides first in sections and then the middle. For tools you´ll need maybe just one needle to aid you in getting a hold of the small loops.   Don´t loose the loops you´ve chosen. They are the ones keeping the whole shredded part together from botom to top.

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  1. I tried this once. It made me go a bit cross eyed and it took FOREVER. Looks gorgeous though!

  2. Warning to anyone thinking about attempting this: It’s super-easy and highly, highly addictive. Soon, you will be tempted to shred every item in your closet. Proceed with caution.

  3. Pssh. Look at all the holes in that shirt. Buncha amateurs. Come back when you can sit for 6 hours straight and do a whole tank top with not a single hole. (Neener. Also, the arrogance is a joke. I think.) Also, thank you for validating my style and crafting choices, I don’t want to reveal too much but I was doubting whether it would be suitable to put a shredded piece in my swap parcel or whether my recipient would think “WTF is this junk that this jerk has sent me NEG NEG NEG”. Deconstruction win.

  4. this post makes me happy! i saw a top like this that had the shirt back completely shredded for $90! i almost bought it but i tried it on and didnt like the fit( it was pulling in odd directions). sooo doing it myself :3