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Burberry Fall 2010

Burberry, the coat and bag people generally known for putting hideous camel-colored plaid on anything that will hold still long enough (Wellingtons? really?) turned out this uncharacteristic ad for their  fall line.  I never thought I’d want a Burberry bag, but times they are a-changing.

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  1. Oh, man. I saw this promo a few days ago on another blog, and I’m pretty sure I stared at it for five minutes straight. I’m particularly smitten with the one coat on the guy fifth from the left.

  2. The whole line is fantastic. Christopher took his inspiration from an aviator jacket he found in the company’s archives. He completely reinvented the aviator jacket, and more than one way. I want every jacket that came down that runway.

    Burberry Prorsum also took up Alexander McQueen’s torch with major technological advances associated with their runway show. The show was aired in 3D to other cities, where people could see the garments the moment they went down the runway and they allowed customers to order online immediately after the show.

    Christopher Bailey knows what he’s doing.

  3. The chap second from the right is wearing a very interesting top. And the girl’s dress in the center looks wonderfully draped!

    Here’s to hoping Topshop or someone will take a cue.

  4. @rachel Do you mean “sick” in the normal, “oh dear I am vomiting” or “dear lord this is disgusting”, negative meaning of the word “sick” or the too-cool-for-school hep-cat kid slang meaning of “despite the contradictory meaning of my chosen adjective, I actually think that this is cool, brah”?

    @katherine No. They didn’t give it up. They never will. Hope springs anew, but much like the similarly overplayed and downright tacky Luis Vuitton pattern, I highly doubt Burberry will ever be “past” something that has become their [vile, rotten, hideous] trademark. There’s a simile involving herpes here somewhere.