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Hey Slackers, Get to It!

Here’s a few pictures from the Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap Flickr Pool. Overall, the event was a great success. However, we have had dozens of emails telling us that people flaked. While there is really nothing we can do but urge those of you who have not yet mailed out to do so, or at least to let your buddy know what’s up, the large number of flakes is something we will have to take into consideration if we try this again. For those of you still waiting- I don’t know if it will make you feel any better, but I mailed out two packages myself and BOTH of my people flaked! Still, I did have fun putting the packages together.

For those who participated, THANK YOU!!!!! This was a lot of fun!

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  1. Wanted to update, as I got a nice surprise today. 😀 Everything fit and some of the items were things I actually needed for my wardrobe too. I was also happy to hear my items went to a happy home so yay! If this happens again (and I have anything to donate), I think I’d participate again but I definitely would like to be able to contact my buddy ahead of time.

  2. I’m glad I had my partner’s email, so I could drop her a line after a couple of weeks to see if she’d received what I’d sent. Which she did! Yay USPS.

    Like a lot of comments here, I had lots of fun putting my package together (though I wish I’d photographed it, smart!) and am okay with not having received anything myself. I also vote for a deadline and encouraged prior communication with swap partners, just to make everything ride a little easier.

  3. Of course, I posted last week, and that very day, I came home to a box on the porch, so that was pretty awesome there!


  4. I sent out a HUGE box of plus size stuff, and most of it was great stuff that I was too lazy to sell on Ebay. The box weighed about 20 pounds, and I did not receive swap items in return. Which I knew would probably happen, since swaps are always like that. It does not bother me because I was hoping to get rid of stuff instead of get more stuff anyways. I never received the other person’s email address to contact her, just her mailing address. So I could not even send tracking info. I should have sent it faster service since it was just received today, sent June 1. A deadline would be better in the future, so I can get motivated faster.
    “Your item was delivered at 9:54 AM on June 12, 2010 in MADISON, WI 53703.”

  5. RockLove; Likewise, I’ve sent hundreds.. thousands of packages and only had maybe four go missing.. International and domestic. Postal services are on a whole, reliable. The “missing packages” always seem to happen during swaps and is a total load of BS. Sometimes packages get dropped at people’s doors and some jerk just takes it. But that’s what PO boxes and “do not safedrop” stickers are for amiright?

    If people can’t post in a timely manner, perhaps they should consider not being involved in swaps. Sure, totally random and shitty things happen, so those unfortunate few are forgiven for being tardy (with a note from their Mums or Dads! 😉 ). But otherwise, slackers is right.

    FWIW, Australia has almost no customs tax, apart from things in high value or like, tobacco or meds.

  6. I received my package, but my partner (as she mentioned above) hasn’t gotten hers due to a ridiculously high customs tax in her home country. I knew it would be expensive to mail it out, but to pay shipping and her have to pay a huge fee on top of that is ridiculous.

    I’m game to do this again in the future, but if I do international again, I will ask more questions. Such as IF there’s a customs tax and how it works, since we don’t have one in America. I sent some great pieces I bought or received in Japan and knowing they were going to an HM home was the only way I could part with them even though I don’t wear them.

  7. I think people are just taking their time to send things. I know it took me a while to post send mine, because I have been away almost all May.

  8. I feel terrible because I had a situation arise that prevented me mailing the package for several weeks. I have my stuff together and was waiting to send it, but then I thought since my package probably was already on it’s way I’d wait until I got it to send mine so I could include a thank you note with my long explanation for why I was so late. But then I think my person flaked, too. Or maybe they’re in the same boat as me. Either way it’s waiting on the desk in my room and I know I need to send it soon. But I’m selfish and I guess I want to know if I’m getting mine before I send there’s. Especially if someone came up and they can’t even get their mail, which does happen on the East coast during hurricane season. Perhaps I should send them a card or something to see if they get it and explain why I haven’t mailed the package yet.

  9. I’m still anxiously awaiting a package… not sure if I’d participate again, unless some sort of measure (letters, send everything to HM HQ first, whatever) was taken to avoid people getting stiffed.

  10. I got one out of three packages and I was a little late sending because life got hectic as it tends to do. I love the package that i got and while its disappointing not to get a package from everyone I sent to I feel extremely grateful for what i received.

  11. I think people should remember to stick an “AIRMAIL” sticker on their packages, that way it’ll come faster. I only JUST got my package. So do be patient! Your package could be still on some truck somewhere.

    But I do agree on the quality control though. Oh well, what to do.

  12. I sent out my two packages and only got one in return so far. I didn’t sign up to get stuff but rather to motivate myself to clean out my closet and hopefully make someone’s day. The one package I did receive was great; if my sender is reading this, the silver top and purple bcbgirls top fit me perfectly and I love them, so thank you! As for people flaking out, this sort of thing is always a gamble. I hope HM does it again, I already have a pile of stuff for the next one!

  13. So ultimately only 5 out of 30 people actually got packages and everyone else flaked?

    Man, I’m glad I didn’t participate in this.

  14. I had given up hope that I would get a package. Boy was I surprised this morning when there was a note for me in my mailbox to come and get a package from Finland at the post office! I got some lovely stuff.
    To those who haven’t gotten any yet, don’t give up hope completely. And, also, I sent to one and got from a completely different person.

  15. I didn’t participate, but I think the exchanging letters mentioned above is a good idea (because once people establish a personal connection, they tend to feel worse about wronging the other person…), and also to supply each other with tracking numbers once shipped. It doesn’t cost that much to do it, and it just helps everyone feel better about the package being on the way (for example, you could easily lie that you sent the package, but it must have gotten “lost”).

    … I’m just a cynic lending my suggestions, hahaha.

  16. maybe it could be mandatory to swap letters before you swap packages. if you get a letter from your partner then you send out the package. if you don’t get a letter though you don’t send the package and all you’ve lost is the cost of a stamp. it might be kind of slow, but a letter is more solid than just an email and shows more commitment.

  17. I was in a car accident and the hospital for a few weeks and didn’t get my package out on time. Of course my partner who never sent me anything managed to send a bunch of emails asking where the stuff was, so I told her I was sorry and not to bother me anymore.

  18. Even though I also am still waiting for my box of clothes, I’m glad I participated. The person I got seemed happy with their box (we communicated via email). Maybe that could be a stipulation in future swaps: you just hand out email addresses to participants and then they have to communicate via email to get addresses. At least that way you know you have a working email address and maybe if flaky people have a conversation with the other person, theyll be less likely to stiff.

  19. I got stiffed too. I’m starting to wonder how many signed up with no intention of going through with the package. Hopefully the person I shipped to got the items and can make use of some of them. It was nice to clean out some stuff to someone who might like them, but I’m still a bit disappointed that I never received anything. Was a bit optimistic I guess.

  20. I’ve had many packages and/or letters/postcards lost in the mail. both ways. But they were all going to another country.

  21. I had a flake, too, and I’m VERY sad about this. You see, I love clothes, esp. of the kind in this blog, and recent events over the past two years have meant an increase of four pant sizes while the clothing budget has gone to nil.

    God bless the fact that my old skirts still look good higher on the waist …

    Meanwhile, I hope that the person who got my things liked them.

  22. That’s so weird that so many packages have gone missing! I ship out about 10/15 on average every business day and have only had one out of a few hundred ever go missing (and usually that’s to a country like Italy, Chile, or Spain who are notorious for seizing packages in customs).

    I’m swamping with one of those who didn’t get goodies and she’s graciously going to be making me a present in gratitude. Yea!

  23. I sent mine out two weeks ago, and my partner just let me know it still hasn’t arrived. I trust someone stole it. I mailed my sister’s birthday present out at the same time, and it never arrived either. Fucking post office.

  24. I sent mine within the first two seeks, and I had fun putting it together. Shame I didn’t get anything though!

  25. @_@ I have no idea if the package I sent has been received. I hope it didn’t get lost in the mail or anything since I’m sending mine halfway around the world. I have received mine though. Thanks heaps Mona if you’re out there!

  26. I sent mine out a while ago. It was great getting the package together and picking out little gifts. I haven’t heard if it was received. It would be nice to know, but I didn’t include an email address and maybe should have. Anyways, great fun and will definitely participate next time.

  27. I was a bit late sending mine out, but I’m glad to know it arrived safe and sound. I hope to end up with a package sometime, but my hopes aren’t too high.

    I also hope the ratio of people who actually received packages is higher than the comments seem to indicate.

  28. I like what V had to say about sending stuff along with shipping month directly to Haute Macabre. Good Idea!
    But if not that, i think each swap partner needs phone numbers because all of my emails from one buddy got ignored. if you’re out there, it would be nice for at least a response.

  29. Count me among those who never received a package. It’s not a big deal, really… I was glad to clean out my closet and send a few pieces to someone who might get some wear out of them. It would’ve been nice to get something, though!

  30. I sent out to my 2 buddies but I had the wrong address for one of them so it got shipped back to me. I sent it back on Friday with the very correct address. I really hope the person gets it soon. It’s supposed to arrive today, but you never know.

    I’d like to thank both of mine – I don’t have any of their information, though. I will upload pictures as soon as I get a camera that works.

  31. I sent mine out about 2 weeks ago, to White Plains, NY

    Of course, my car ate the DC#, but I hope it got there.

    Still haven’t received anything, though.

  32. I got a package (from staten island NY) and sent a package (to playa del rey CA).

    Its a magical thing when it works out. Putting together the package was fun! And receiving was equally lovely.


  33. I have been busy with work/school myself and my packages are sitting next to the front door waiting to be shipped, it’s better late then never I suppose.

    But I only received one package out of three people. I am sending an apology note as well hoping that maybe my swapees are just slow sending them out like I was. :/

  34. Hmmm maybe have everyone send HM the stuff and then you can coordinate handing it out for the cost of shipping ? That way quality and quantity is assured and only people who put in get back. I know it puts a little more work on you but I know a lot of people would gladly pay 20$ or maybe more for a ‘HM Swap’ package. The only downside truly is that it may exclude some of us in bad shipping zones but it may benefit everyone else…another idea could be to use a plugin to help manage it…people have to submit photos and info about their contributions and maybe paypal you a participation fee. This helps get people accountable for what they put in and also committed monetarily to the event so they have something to lose if they flake.

  35. My swaper sent me the clothes…
    But mine has been taxed in the post office and I not even thinking about having to pay US$120 to take it out of there…
    too bad…

  36. I sent my half out a little late, but I communicated with my recipient shortly before sending it out to make sure I had the right address. Alas, no package has arrived for me yet. We weren’t necessarily supposed to receive a package from the same person we shipped to, right?

  37. Boo! Boo on flaky people! I didn’t participate in the swap since I didn’t really have much to giveaway, but honestly… I’ve poked through my closet since at things that other people over the years have given ME, and some of it, while lovely/handmade/designer/new doesn’t fit.

    I’d be willing to send out some goodies without expecting anything in return this round if I you can coordinate sizings for me. I have things from about size small/4 to about size 10, tops/corsets/skirts.

    info@rocklove.com if you think you may fall in these categories and had a flakester.

  38. I sent my package out when the reminder showed up because I’ve been so swamped with school work. I though that the other swapper would do the same. Alas, no package has come for me.

  39. Haven’t got mine yet either, but I’m still glad some of the old favourites from my wardrobe are going to a good home. Though I do agree, a deadline for sending out the packages might be a good idea next time =)

  40. Sad to say, I haven’t yet received anything either, but the enjoyment my swap-ee obviously felt in getting the package makes up for a lot of that disappointment – I got such a thrill when she posted the photos to the pool, complete with lovely comments. I’m just sorry that the little note I wrote and one of the pairs of shoes I sent had to be part of a post exhorting the MIA swappers!

  41. I never got a package either… I wouldn’t have even minded if everything wasn’t perfect or great in it for me since I do love altering and reworking things into new stuff. Getting outright stiffed was disappointing.

    Ah well, can’t force people to be honest.

  42. I sent out my package as soon as I received the address. I tried to make it really nice, I got my package rather quickly and tried to make it look nice.

    However I must say I was really disappointed with what I received. I won’t say what I got because I don’t want to embarrass whoever sent me the stuff, but I will say that the clothing was damaged and unwearable. The clothing and accessories were also not ‘Haute Macabre’. It seemed to me this person was tossing out these things and decided to join the clothing swap to get some new clothes.

    Oh well, it was a risk and only cost me the shipping. I’d still participate again since it looks like the majority of people received nice things.

  43. I find it just rude that some people didn’t go through with it.
    Maybe next time, you could set a deadline?

  44. And how. I fully knew that it was a risk and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve possibly been burned too, but I am still exceedingly proud of the whole little theme I established for my package (pics on the Flickr group) and I hope that next time we do it we can work out a way to reduce the flakiness (hydrocortisone? HO HO ECZEMA JOKES IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY FOR ‘EM).