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Lady Gaga’s Cobbler

Designer Noritaka Tatehana, referred by the press  Lady Gaga’s Shoe Guru, recently gave an interview to MTV. The previously unknown student (he just graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts) seems to be doing an excellent job of turning Gaga’s platform addiction into a recognizable, viable brand of his own.  All this at the age of 25.Yeah, I feel like a slacker.

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  1. These are what I call “shelf shoes”. They’re meant to be displayed, not worn. They’re absolutely treacherous. It’s no wonder gag fell on her face in them… she was stupid enough to wear them like normal shoes. Stuff like this is strictly for display and photo shoots. While they’re beautiful the only thing I can imagine is rolling an ankle in them.

  2. Oh my god!! These are the shoes of my dreams ! They look so strange, so surnatural!
    I would realy love to try once to walk with