New Advertiser : Parliament & Wake | Haute Macabre

New Advertiser : Parliament & Wake

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Parliament & Wake!

Parliament & Wake is a web-based collection of dystopian stories and ethereal images set within the Edges, fantastical worlds that hover just beyond our perception.  These worlds are eerily familiar, but are infused with impossible technologies (many with a steampunk flavor), subtle magic and a reckless disregard for laws of time and space.  Any given glimpse may depict places of playful whimsy and baroque charm; but extra-spatial horrors and nightmares spawned from Civilization’s darker depths are never distant.

All of our artwork is available for free, and we aren’t available to be booked for conventions or birthday parties.  We’re just imagining an aesthetic and a geography that makes our own reality more palatable … and we want to share it.

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  1. What are they selling? or doing ? is this a new band or something? there site is so confusing as to what this thing is.