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One Haute Minute

Yes, I’ve already freaked my geek over the brilliance of Thierry Mugler‘s theatric-fantastic haute couture HERE, just as I’ve yammered extensively about it over THERE.

Regardless, spot-check the detail on this leather exoskeleton—complete with corset binding:


Take a quick peek at this image from his “Insects” show (of which I’ll refrain from Velveeta-laden puns a lá “buggin’ out” to retain the lactose-tolerant standard implicit at the almighty Haute Macabre, kthnx):

Now maybe—just maybe—you’ll understand why it is I have nine unfinished posts/articles on my desktop at the moment, yet can’t stop scouring the web…

(HELP. Please?)

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  1. Oh, Factortwice— 2 x (if not more — couldn’t resist the play on yr name, sorry!)
    it adds to my obsession/frustration, that book…

    I wrote about it in the ‘there’ link posted, but short of the long?

    Yes, I need a copy in my claws
    A G A I N !

    Many thanks for the comment—

    Yours in Kink & Ink,