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Vintage Vamp

Vampira in parade Maila Nurmi

Maila Nurmi doing her Vampira thing. I just kind of love this picture.

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  2. She was so awesome. Elvira is just a cheat, trampy imitation of her.

    p.s. Little tid-bit for tight-lacing enthusiasts; she maintained an 18 inch waist throughout her acting career.

  3. I love the smile on the woman/mother’s face! That would be my mom, for sure. Every time I’ve come home in all black frills since boarding school, she’s done the “aww, how lovely” routine.

  4. I remember when Bram Stocker’s Dracula and Nosferatu were the “in” vampire movies. I loved that time. Now its all whiny “I want to be a good-guy vampire”. Pffff. This picture is really fun. I love how the little girl’s hands giving away her fear.