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Absinthe Bath Set Giveaway!

The lovely Jill from For Strange Women has offered to giveaway an Absinthe Bath Gift Set to one of our readers!

Included in the gift set are lip balm, bath salts, and a soy candle, all Absinthe flavored.  To enter to win, just leave a comment below!  Winner will be announced on Sunday, July 25!

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  1. Thank you, everyone! for more giveaways, find For Strange Women on Facebook. Haute Macabre, thank you for setting this up, you ladies are awesome.

  2. That looks absolutely lovely. I would love to try all of it, especially that lip balm!

  3. Ahh, L’absinthe! The Green Goddess beckons…

    The Legend of Absinthe

    Apollo, who mourned at Hyacinthe’s demise,
    Refused to concede this victory to Death.
    Much better that the soul, adept in transformation,
    Had to find a holy alchemy for beauty.
    Thus with his celestial hand he drained and crushed
    The subtlest harvest of the garden goddess,
    The broken bodies of the herbs yielding a golden essence
    From which we measure out our first drop — of Absinthe!
    In lowly hovels and in glittering courts,
    Alone, in pairs, drink up this potion of desire!
    For it is sorcery — as one might say —
    When the pale opal wine ends all misery,
    Opens beauty’s most intimate sanctuary —
    – Bewitches my heart, and exalts my soul in ecstasy!

  4. Yum! I would love to soak, smell, and drink all of “absinthe” at the same time……
    after of course going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and sniffing the AWESOME Corpse Flower that is now blooming! http://www.hmnsmedia.org/CorpseFlower/
    Whoever lives in Houston must see this, She only blooms once every 16 years!

  5. Lovely! Dreaming of using this the night before my wedding next month… The packaging is so smart I’d probably stare at it for a day or two just to increase my anticipation (fun!).

  6. who wouldn’t love to have a little gift pack of absinthe delivered to their door!

  7. If these incredibly exquisite items make me feel the bliss and the delusions of grandeur that I experienced when I tried absinthe I will roll around in the dirt and eat sand to receive this product.

  8. been watching your blog for some time — suppose it’s a good reason to speak up now?

  9. Oooh, these items look very classy. Not to mention that being absinthe scented just makes them sound amazing. ^_^

  10. By the way, that poem by S. Zeledon made me tremble in awe! The color green is very desirous. Lovely.

  11. Ooohh! I love her stuff! Everything is so charming and beautiful. J’adore!
    I really like that green glass cup too!

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