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Fits and Starts

“Chop my Blood”, shot by Benny Horne

Of all the simple changes to men’s fashion that would rock my socks off, fitted tailoring is right at the top. Most men’s shirts and jackets make everyone look pretty much rectangular, and I have to say that when I think of sexy shapes “square” is not one of them. Besides being more flattering, fitted clothes just look more put-together. And, with jackets and button-down shirts, put-together is pretty much the whole idea.

And yes, he is wearing a corset. Drool.

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  1. Bishonen men are incredibly, inherently, magnetically, attractive! Now add a corset, & I’m lost forever. . .ahhhh!!!!!

  2. Fppt…. D:

    I’ll take the all! They’re already in my favorite size and shape! I wonder if they take card?

  3. So fucking hot! Mens fashion in general makes me want to turn lesbian… or just loose myself in an age were dandies still existed.