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I KNEW they went with everything!

Photos by Vikram Pathak, via Fashionising.

Edited to remove any trace of harem pants. God, I hate harem pants.

Models in New Rocks make me happy.

Fishnets and 20-eyes

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  1. Harem pants are almost as repugnant as culottes! Thanks for sparing my eyes.

    I had to send this to my mother as soon as I saw it – because we have had conversations for the last 15 years as to whether or not it was appropriate to wear 20 hole steel toe docs and ridiculous new rock coils with formal gowns… now I win! xD

  2. Love that apple eatin’ pic! If only I looked so fabulous eating out of season fruit ­čÖé
    THANK GOD someone else hates those damn harem pants. Now if only we could get rid of skinny jeans too! They are diabolical. The devil’s denim.

  3. You will give in…….yes!!! Don’t hate.

    I have been storing all of my platform shoes for later use. Do you think it is safe to bust them out again soon? New Rocks, I still wear, but only to the club. Fun to dance in, feels like roller skating.

  4. I don’t feel crazy for hating harem pants any more.
    Fuck harem pants, let’s all go in tights and skivvis under our…uh…extra large bustle bubbles. Yes, this is a great plan.

  5. @Ragdoll – I think I was wearing very torn acid-washed jeans which I referred to as my “cheese graters” and a fishing hat that year, and I STILL hated those pants!

  6. Sixth picture down is probably every reader here on a Saturday night. That picture just shouts “I am going out to PART-AY!”