Iris Van Herpen S/S 2011 | Haute Macabre

Iris Van Herpen S/S 2011

I really wish this video focused more on the clothing and less on the backstage hubbub, because Iris Van Herpen’s designs are fantastic, and those shoes (created by United Nude for the collection)!!! The intricate cutting and folding of leather and other, far more space-age materials, the structure and drape- heck, I even like the plastic water, although I can’t really see wearing it anywhere. Well, maybe the beach.

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  1. UGH. LOVE the collection, but SO glad I didn’t have to spend an evening with the doucheoisie that attended that show. Yikes. I came here from refinery29’s post about tips for wearing hideous mid-length pleat-front skirts (here’s mine: don’t), and needed a brain cleansing. Thank you for this. Je t’aime.

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