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New Advertiser : Totus Mel

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Totus Mel!

Totus Mel creates needle tatted adornments for your hair down to your feet.  Check our her Etsy shop, her blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages for frequent updates on her craft and new designs!

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  1. Good evening, Mrs Totus, Mel. I’m Sandra Gavioli from the North of Italy. I like tatting very much. I saw your video. It’s very nice. I would like to make you a question about needle tatting. I saw all your movements, sometimes are quickly. When I finished the ring and then tied, to make the chain, must I have to insert the needle exacly where I knot or must I simply put the needle on the ring? Or when I finished the ring can I simply reverse the work and continue with the stiches? Can you tell me where exactly must I insert the needle when I finished the ring in order to start the chain? And after the first chain, must I insert the needle where I tied? Waiting for a kind reply, I thank you a lot and I send my best regards.
    I leave you my email:, so that you can answer me and explain how you knot the ring and where exactly must I insert it before starting a chain or the second ring after the chain
    I thank you in advance.
    Sandra Gavioli

  2. Hooray! I have a bracelet and a choker I bought from her well over a year ago on Etsy and they are still in fabulous shape! I get compliments on them all the time.