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According to Don’t Panic Magazine, I’ve had my head in the sand for the past six months, but thankfully, they have pulled me out.  Yesterday, a fantastic interview with my brand new favorite artist, Polly Morgan, was posted, discussing her religious background, taxidermy experience, and her vicar grandfather.

Four pieces of Polly’s work will be on exhibit at Haunch of Venison, located at 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1, from July 26 until September 25.

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  1. And my lack of sleep for the last week has caused me a million typos, but please disregard.

  2. Can’t believe nobody has comented on this! Polly Morgan=Geneous!
    I know she primarily works with birds, but I’d be interested in seeing her branch out with other creatures. Her work creates sucha feeling of frozen-in-time/weightlessness.
    Plus, taxidermy is just freaking rad!