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Rent? What Rent?

You can start cursing me at any point.


Up to 50% off on sale items at AllSaints, which puts a lot of items well under the $100 mark, and into the “maybe if I make lunch at home this week” department. Oh, and free shipping.

Yeah, I hit that.

Lorelei Top, $52 †  Celeron Tunic, $75

Merlin Jumper, $62.50 † Escape cardigan, $60

Distress Dress, $67.50 † Kodema Dress, $60

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  1. Well, I’d never heard of them but I went and looked and bought 2 pieces. This is the 3rd time I’ve done that from this site… someone might be interested to know. AllSaints, Complex Geometries and a harness from Audra Jean on etsy. If the quality is good on these AllSaints things I’ll buy a coat. I like the lines of 2 of them.

  2. @octopod I certainly feel where you’re coming from, even in the UK AllSaints stores are limited to the major cities and the occasional Selfridges concession, and a lot of the time they never have the stock I want to try on in (useful). Apparently they are opening more and more stores in the US (Santa Monica on the 6th August, NYC just a few days ago) though, have you checked their store locator or do you live in the arse end of nowhere? I can tell you from experience, however, that their stuff is mostly true to size, but if the design is quite loose and floaty you can get away with going up or down depending on how you want the fit. Their size chart is fairly accurate, if you’re looking at more fitted pieces or anything made of less stretchy material I would compare the measurements they give to yourself for the best luck.

  3. Goodness, those are some spectacular coats. Wish I could go somewhere that I could try them on, because making an online purchase of a $200 (or more) coat whose fit I can’t test — well.

  4. Ugh, I ALREADY pack my own lunch every day before work, and I still cannot justify an AllSaints purchase, even on sale.

    Well…OK, maybe just one top…

  5. If they had anything bigger than a size 14 they’d be making 500$+ off me today.

    Too bad for them awesome girls come in bigger sizes too.

  6. I tried on the tunic yesterday at the NYC store, and that random shoulder hole sorta ruined it for me. Just something terribly off about it.

    I am incredibly impressed at my will power in the store – 15 items in the dressing room, and only bought 2!