Replication | Haute Macabre


Akaya Nishi spine necklace, £ 1,383.00

New arrivals at Not Just a Label– lovely (albeit expensive) macabre jewelry from several designers. While I love the clean lines and anatomical detail of Akaya Nishi’s spine necklace, my favorite of the bunch is Aoi Kutsuhiroi’s chunky, complicated ring. Woven of human hair and lacquered silk, embellished porcelain skulls and semi-precious stones,  it looks like a miniature from some post-apocalyptic doll’s house.

Akaya Nishi mink bone ring, £ 151.00

Jolita Jewelry “Kissing Skulls” necklace, £ 60.00

Aoi Kotsuhiroi “Clouds Noise” ring,  £ 358.00

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