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Sam’s Top 5 Makeup Necessities

Despite my compulsion to purchase makeup by the truckload, and thus resulting in train cases filled to the brim, these are the Cannot Live Without Wear Every Single Day & Look Frightening Without items within my arsenal. But of course that was before I learn more about the solution to removing acne around my face. Now, I don’t really need a lot of foundation to apply to my face. Well, let me share with you what I have experienced before hand.

Benefit Erase Paste

No matter how much or how little sleep I get, I’ve had suitcase sized bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember.  There’s about an inch of dark circles underneath my peepers that only Erase Paste can manage to cover up.  It goes on a little thick, so just dab it on and then blend in with the tip of your finger.  This stuff is also great for spot coverage!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

I cannot emphasize enough that EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WEARS EYE MAKEUP SHOULD USE THIS.  I’ve tried loads of different primers, but Urban Decay Primer Potion really is the best.  Lightweight and non-greasy, it holds the shadows in their proper place, prevents those obnoxious smudges in the creases, and keeps everything long lasting.  It also comes in a metallic pale champagne shade.

**If you’re planning on keeping your makeup in super pristine condition all day and all night, after applying your finishing touches, use a light coat of hair spray over it.  This will set it and keep it on, even after a night of sweaty dancing.  Obviously, close your eyes when misting yourself down.

Lancome Ageless Minérale with White Sapphire Complex

After using various foundations for years, Lancome Ageless Minéral Powder is the lightest and best foundation I’ve come across yet.  It leaves your skin feeling super smooth, even-toned, and soft.  I haven’t felt melty-faced once since I switched over to it, even in this hideously humid New York City summer.  Use an extra fat brush all over your face to apply, just make sure to tap off the excess before application.

Smashbox Layer Lash Primer

Despite my eyes being the size of dinner plates, my lashes fall to the wimpy side.  They’re thin, short, and measly.  Smashbox Lash Primer helps with lengthening and separating each lash, along with providing a super conditioning element to prevent breaking.

Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara

Applied over the Smashbox Primer, Lash Injection Pin Point does the super lengthening, super separating, and super carbon coating that I demand.  If I’m going for some extra oomph, I use Smashbox Bionic Mascara for some extra volume.

What’s in your makeup kit that you can’t spend a day without?

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  1. I love too faced eyeshadow primer. I’ve had it more than 6 months and it’s still really full, and it works amazingly well.(using it almost everyday) Never had it crease, and I’m in Arizona with 100+ degree weather all summer.
    I have yet to find a foundation I really like. Powder usually doesn’t cut it for me, and all the cream/liquid ones I’ve used look cakey or streaky. I usually prefer to go without, even tho I have moderate acne, doesn’t bother me much. My eyeshadow always looks cool ;p

  2. I haven’t tried all of them but I agree about the UD eye shadow primer and the too faced lash injection.. good stuff. Personally my favorite solid eyeliner is actually Avon’s popular one that I can’t remember the name of. It goes on smoothly and it’s cheap. I have used it for like 9 years and it’s always the best IMO.

  3. why would you want to cover your dark circles? i love mine — i think they are definitely part of a “macabre” look!

  4. Ana – I definitely stand behind the mineral powder & the erase paste, but you can get L’oreal’s Double Extend mascara at any drug store for about $10 as a substitute for the mascaras. It’s not as awesome, but it definitely does the trick!

  5. You are SO right about the Eyeshadow Primer from Urban Decay. Not only do I have eternally greasier-than-usual skin, but living in Florida where the humidity is basically constantly set to “soaking wet” does not provide a good environment for complex makeup. This stuff is like glue: I spent an entire 12 hours out in the blistering sun in this stuff and it chugged right through.

    That said, the rest of this list looks mighty promising. As a jobless college student I can’t quite justify spending over 20 for makeup, but perhaps this stuff is worth breaking the bank for? Exactly how much longevity do these products offer individually? (Just because if I’m going to spend money on it, I want it to last at least a couple of months.)

  6. @Sam & meghan – I use the MAC paint pot in Painterly as both concealer and eyeshadow primer. fantastic concealer if it matches your skin tone, though not as good a primer. I may have to try your recommendation.

    I LOVE MAC’s eyeshadow in Electra (among other colors, but that’s my default) and Rapidblack felt-tip liquid eyeliner. I don’t have a mascara I totally love yet – but I tend to have to get ones labeled “naturale” and such or they look WAY too heavy for day and/or my lashes hit my glasses.

    MAC also has a lip primer/treatment that I absolutely adore – it’s always in my purse and I just converted my mom to it in the car today. Faint vanilla flavor and SPF15, can be used whether you want to wear lipstick or gloss or nothing, or even over lipstick. I have a bunch of lipsticks I love from them, but I vary which one I use based on shirt colors and season. Moroccan’s a really nice one though.

    Right now I’m using Nars’ powder foundation in Mont Blanc, but I hate the case and I sweat under it too much sometimes. But I’ve got this great “photo finish color corrector” from Smashbox I use under my foundation, or just alone, whenever my skin decides to be red across my nose and cheeks – I swear it actually improves the color the day after I wear it!

    Some of my other can’t-live-withouts, though, are removers. Revlon makes (made?) a makeup eraser pen for correcting mistakes, which as a makeup klutz I LOVE. And I remove my makeup with Pond’s makeup wipes – they’ll take off waterproof eye makeup without irritating or stinging your eyes even if you rub (and I have sensitive skin), and they’ll even pull off the body makeup I use for costumes.

  7. For me it’s my Shu Uemura eyelash curler: it actually curls — not crimps — my stick-straight lashes). My Chanel Inimitable Mascara: This stuff is the best ever for me. Clinique lipstick in Black Honey: the most perfect, natural shade ever. And finally, Fresh Umbrian Clay concealer: great for zits and undereye circles!

  8. Mine have to be:
    MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation
    Prestige eyeliner in wine
    Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof Mascara
    Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On Color to define my brows

    Those I wear every day but if I have more time in the morning I normally wear
    Nyx Eyeshadow base
    MAC eyeshadow in Quarry and Shadow Lady

  9. I adore the cheapo N.Y.C. brand: Lipstick in Mahagony, Nail polish in Midnight, & Eyeliner in Black (each one costs only 99 cents!). Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara is also a favorite. The only ‘splurge’ really is Clinique Concealer – it covers those dark vampire under eye circles quite nicely. Ooo! But if I could afford it, Tokidoki makeup looks a-mazing & has great reviews! Hmm, someday. . .

  10. @Sam

    Try mac paint pot in soft ochre, the actual eye primer is meant for people with dry skin but I use the paint pot all the time as an eyeshadow base and it’s comparable to udpp.

  11. Urban Decay Zero 24/7 liner.
    I don’t have an everyday mascara atm though I like zoomlash by mac lately.
    Urban Decay Bulletproof Tinted moisturizer.
    some kind of intense blush because it’s faster than eye makeup and keeps me from looking washed out (nars orgasm, mac dollymix)
    shiny lip gloss

  12. Too Faced Lash Injection is on my list, as well as the NARS Orgasm/Laguna blush/bronzer duo, NARS Striptease lipgloss, and Urban Decay liners in Smog and Stash. The olive gold tones of the UD liners are great for a moderately dark look without being quite as intense as black. I love, love, love them!

  13. I’m a cosmetics freak, but the things that have stayed consistently in my makeup kit are Maybelline Pure makeup (for everyday) Revlon Colorstay (for nights out) MAC Blushbaby blush, Revlon Colorstay black eyeliner (along with a million other black liners but this one I always have), NARS Lip Gloss Stain in Daredevil, NYX Doll Eyes or L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, and Burts Bees Replenishing Pomegranate lip balm. Everything else I change up from time to time, but I always have champagne eye shadow/cream shadow, black eyeshadow, peach lip gloss, reddish brown lip tint, plum gloss/tint. I used to be way into colored eye makeup but decided I wasn’t any good with it so I do basic champagne/black on the eyes mostly now.

  14. I don’t wear makeup but these are two skincare products I really love:
    *Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55: very water resistant and does not leave a white cast. Also is a very good mattifier too.The bottle may seem small, but it lasts a long time. I’ve been using the same bottle for going on 9 months now.
    *Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. Can find it at drugstores. Very gentle, doesn’t sting your eyes, not drying. I use this at least once a day. It takes my water resistant sunscreen off.
    Not a lotion or potion, but I do use an eyelash curler. I use a really cheap $2 one that works the best for me! I’ve had a friend that curled her eyelashes with a silver spoon!!! No lie, I watched her do it!

  15. The things I use religiously are YSL Touche Eclat, Benefit Get Even powder, Rimmel eyebrow pencil and clear mascara to tame the brows, Benefit Bad Gal mascara and Lancome Juicy Tubes in Beach Plum. Very minimal but effective. I tend not to go too crazy with the make up, but if I want to look like I’m at least wearing some I’ll usually go for Prestige liquid liner and MAC lipstick in Russian Red.

    Those are the essentials but I’d also recommend MAC Mineralise compact foundation and of course Urban Decay eyeshadows are always handy; my favourites, Lounge and Gash.

  16. When I was doing makeup in retail over the years, I saw more returns of BE than anything else. That could have been just because of the numbers that it sold, but I personally like Pure Luxe for mineral makeup. I’ll have to try Lancome’s, though.

    I really like Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray, UD Primer Potion in Sin, Sonia Kashuk’s Hidden Agenda concealer palette (Target), MUFE’s HD foundation, Stila’s illuminating moisturizer (which I sometimes mix with the MUFE), Maybelline’s Full and Soft mascara (no clumps, even if I put on 10 coats), Stila’s smudge pots, ELF waterproof liquid eyeliner pen, MUFE’s Star Powder, MAC’s blot powder and lipstick, and Revlon’s Colorstay soft and smooth lipstick.

  17. Sam, I too love the Urban Decay primer, but hate the packaging. I always end up cutting the bottle open and decanting the rest of the primer into a tiny jar. It is AMAZING how much extra product is hiding in that bottle that you can’t get to!

    The absolute basics for me: concealer (usually YSL Touch Eclat, god help me), a dusting of Aromaleigh Glissade, brows filled in with some dark sparkly shade, black liquid liner, NYX Doll Eyes mascara, and dark burgundy lipstick.

  18. @Sally : I haven’t tried Bare Escentuals. My mom swears by it, but she and I have totally different skin types. I kept asking on my Twitter what people thought of it, because I kept wandering into Sephora & picking up the starter kit, but tweet peeps had lots of bad reviews. I’m honestly loving the Lancome and am probably going to stick with it for a long time!

    @ghostmeat : I haven’t tried the Shadow Insurance! The one thing I hate about the Urban Decay primer is the packaging – I feel like you loose a lot of product because of the shape of the tube, even with the new bendy applicator.

    I absolutely HATED M.A.C.’s eye primer. It was really greasy and didn’t hold anything in place. I stopped using it within days of buying it.

  19. Bare Escentuals foundation, bronzer (I use a teeny amount to highlight my cheekbones) and mineral veil. I like mineral makeup a lot better than my old stuff (Stila), my skin is less prone to breaking out.
    Foundation primer. I use BE’s. Godsend in the summertime.
    Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara
    I second UD’s Potion Primer. The tinted formula is super pretty too for work or as a good, blendable shadow base. Try it!
    Rice paper sheets for blotting. Cheapest in Chinatown, although Ricky’s has em.

    Sam, have you tried Bare Escentuals (in contrast)? I bought a kit for $60 and so far I like it, but if there is a better mineral product out there I am open to it. I like BE but the 3-step process in the morning is killing me and the $42 price tag as opposed to the “system” price sounds better to me.

  20. love lash injection AND I was a fan of the urban decay primer potion until i got a sample of toofaced shadow insurance. it comes in a tube so air doesn’t get in thus making it last longer. much longer in my experience. i think there is more in there too so you get more bang for the buck. the formula is comparable. no applicator tho so you need to finger blend or get a tool. i just use my fingers.

  21. Can’t live without Clinique’s line-smoothing concealer, Urban Decay’s ink for eyes and Lancome’s crayon sourcils. I don’t leave the house without them on my face!

  22. mine would be Bobbi Brown skin foundation + creamy concealer, they make the palest foundation that looks fresh and not like a zombie face 🙂

    MAC SPF lip conditioner saves my lips everytime and its a great alternative to lipstick for everyday as they have slight tint, plus it tastes yummy.

    Urban Decay brow box, a powder and wax to keep your eyebrows looking perfect.

    MAC smolder eye khol, the best black eye khol money can buy and blends very well with any eyeshadow for a smokey eye.

    I could go on and on though…

  23. even if I’m on a no makeup day with the BF, I must have Rimmel’s Exaggerate liquid eyeliner in 100% black, and (also Rimmel) professional Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. never underestimate what a pair of well-groomed retro brows can do for an otherwise un-made-up face.