She’s Like the Wind | Haute Macabre

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  1. The sad thing is:

    Such a phenomenal work of artistry, yet I’m sure it’s a short matter of time until the conservative nazis at YouTube remove it.

    Because, you know, it’s fine for an 11 year old to see a person’s head get blown off. (Even
    better if s/he’s playing a video game where it’s emulated.)

    B E W B Z ?

    By all means, SHUT THE SYSTEM *DOWN!*

    :: gears, hereby shifted ::


    Dearest Gareth Pugh,

    I apologize for taking you for granted.

    It was 2007; our introduction was all wrong, & now?

    Now I get what you were conveying then with movement.

    The Mylar balloons. It was the mylar balloons, the context…

    The unimpressive art space at Hollywood & Western.

    (Forgive me?)


  2. If any of you ever needed more proof that Gareth Pugh should probably be made emperor of the new Sexy Reich, here it is. Frffffff, silk parachutes. Thank you, HC.

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