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Dirtee Hollywood Giveaway!

Once again, the ever talented, generous, and lovely Molly Crabapple has offered up some of her work for a giveaway to Haute Macabre readers!  Earlier this year, she designed an exclusive T-Shirt line for Dirtee Hollywood.

Available to purchase online at RonRobinson.com, you can enter to win a prize pack* of them right here by leaving a comment on how you’d make Hollywood dirty again!

Winner will be announced Tuesday, August 10!

*Prize Pack may not contain exact shirts pictured above!*

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  1. I’d make ‘Hollywood’ dirty again by driving all the way up to the sign and spray-painting the Kama Sutra onto the letters. The tourists would really love that, wouldn’t they.

  2. Let’s make hollywood dirty again by keeping an open mind and a real love for leather!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  3. hey, hollywood was, is, and always will be dirty. it just changes and updates its dirt.

  4. I would make Hollywood dirty by bringing them hawt drag fabulousness mixed with a splash of burlesque exhibitionism wrapped in a thick bodied ganache. I already am working on bringing dirty back to NYC this way 😉

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