Flylashes | Haute Macabre


Flylashes from Jessica Harrison on Vimeo.

A number of thoughts ran through my head simulteanously when I saw Jessica Harrison using dead flies’ legs as false eyelashes.  They included :

  • “NUH-UH”
  • “I haven’t watched Aeon Flux in awhile”
  • “Those are totally weird little pipe cleaner thingies”
  • “I wonder if she still used the tweezers to pull the legs off on her eyebrows”
  • “Kids these days”

What say you, friends?

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  1. It seems a lot of people share my same concerns with eye infections. Flies carry some serious bacteria. I’d also be concerned with blindness that can be caused by many different diseases that flies can carry. Repulsive, absolutely repulsive.

    If these were fake eyelashes they might be interesting with well done makeup.

    I only hope for her sake that those aren’t real fly legs (which, they could very well be fake; she is getting her PhD in sculpture).

    (However I did like the mouths as eyes video!)

  2. That could not be any more weird if you TRIED. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little disgusted right now, but I think I’m in love with it.

  3. EWWWW.
    This squicks me out greatly. I physically shuddered when I read it.
    But…Flylash is a cool name/neologism.

  4. I think it’s a cool idea, but way too gross for me to ever try out. And funny you should speak of Aeon Flux, I was watching it just the other day!

    And I really hope she didn’t kill those flies just for her fashion statement. Maybe she found them lying around dead in windowsills and such?

  5. Qais has articulated my thoughts exactly: flies are not clean little creatures, I’d be genuinely worried about getting their various bacterial flora anywhere near a mucous membrane. As smo says, they’re not averse to spending time around faeces or other decomposing waste, and I don’t even want to tell you what kind of nasties like to hang around in the intestinal tract or in rotting meat. Garnprincezzin also makes a fine point for any of you of a more vegan inclination: as unwelcome as flies generally are, I think a lot of us disagree with using animals for cosmetic purposes. I really hope they’re fake, personally. It looks wonderfully unnerving and macabre, but the practical side of it also unnerves me on a safety level. I wouldn’t recommend that people try this at home.