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Gaga for Vanity Fair

Nick Knight and Lady Gaga might be this century’s dream team.

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  1. Regardless of what anyone likes and dislikes about her music itself, Gaga is certainly not someone who is just done up by a stylist and pushed out the door like most manufactured pop stars of today. Clearly she has an interest if not heart rooted in fashion and actually pays attention to trends instead of just blindly following them.

    Not only that, but even if her music is mediocre to some, remember that she is somewhat pushed by her producers to create the pop music because it sells better. She has said herself before that her more personal music doesn’t get put on radio because it isn’t “pop” enough — see Speechless, You and I, etc. Stuff like Bad Romance and Poker Face are true to her, but remember that music is a business to the higher-ups and they care about selling music and not much else! At least she has a voice unlike those Made in China autotuners like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus!
    Hopefully her music will mature as her fame dies down a bit and she is allowed more leeway in her own music.

    Funny how Fox News called her poison for the minds of our children. Just like that devil’s music Rock and Roll! & IA – Nick Night and Lady Gaga is to die for!

  2. what amazes me is that for a performer who is so accustomed to being “on stage”, she seems really self-conscious in what is basically a fashion shoot. . .
    this isn’t meant to be a criticism, just an observation.

  3. Just as clarification, I didn’t say it was her usage of gothic subculture (and fetish) style that bothers me… it’s her FANS who suddenly think it’s all her own original style that bother me.

    Basically, I don’t like their ignorant worship of her, without recognizing she draws from a shit-ton of other artists and styles.

    Oh, and her music sucks.
    “Bad Romance” was okay, but “Alejandro” sounds like something from the Shakira reject pile.

  4. I absolutely love her playful approach to the shooting in the video – it makes it really fun to watch. Goofing around in that divine styling and those gorgeous clothes? + 1<3 from me 😀

  5. That video! Is she being silly or is she wired on some narcotic substance?

    I admire her collaborations with A.McQueen & I think she has a great eye for fashion it’s just her over-the-top fans that make me cringe & her songs are a little too pop-y for my tastes.

  6. The video from the photo shoot is FAB. I saw it linked to a friend’s LJ account. It is either on You Tube or one of the other video sites.

  7. I’ll say proudly (okay maybe I’ll play it in my headphones) that I enjoy Lady Gaga… did they photoshop out her arm tats on the magazine cover?

    Gaga did much of her early performing in the lower east side and chelsea – the land of homoculture and the bdsm scene (though primarily you see the 80’s gay bondage costuming). I don’t think its a usurpation of goth as much as embracing fashion cues from the fetish world.

  8. I was attracted to her first by the style– a complete immersion in the character/idea being portrayed. It reminded me a lot of Bowie. I’ve slowly come around to the music, and I certainly don’t like all her songs, but I have to respect that she writes them herself (and has written for several other pop stars before her own albums came out, which says something).

  9. I agree that she is one of the true artist in pop music. Have yet to see anything she’s done not be done well. However, she seems to be teetering on the edge of over exposure.

  10. Wilde Hunt- I believe that Gaga’s shoes are designed by Noritaka Tatehana, actually. Though they are similar to a lot of the Punitive Shoes.

  11. @ Morgan. I have that exact shade and you can find it in the OPI line for Sephora. I don’t have the bottle handy on me or I would tell you the name, but it’s a lovely shade of cement that goes with everything.

  12. While I may not be a rabid Gaga fan, I can definitely respect a legitimate musician. Educated at Juliard, and a former burlesque dancer, Lady Gaga has done more for modern music than pretty much any new artist in the last decade and a half. And she brought back the music video from obscurity to it’s rightful place as augmentation to music, as envisioned by an artist or director.
    While I may not jam out to ‘Poker Face’ every day on my drive to work, I can definitely respect her attitude, devotion to her fans, and her fabulously outrageous sense of style, evidenced yet again by this photo shoot.

  13. Poison maybe, but poison with that gorgeous shade of overtoned, ashy silver blonde hair. Am I the only one who adores that impossible colour? Unf.

  14. I love the photos, especially the wig and that cellophane dress.
    I’ve seen old photos of her performing, and it seems she’s been “jacking gothic subculture” for years, not just recently. I think she likes to play with style to suit her moods (obviously) and while many of her motifs have been compared to Madonna, I’d like to think that Madonna is not the only one to gets to play around with Catholic imagery and provocative videos.
    I was definitely not a fan at first, but it’s what I learned about her that won me over- she has created her image, not just been created by some studio. She writes her own music (not so common for pop artists), hires stylists and artists who can make her designs a reality, and works with people whose talent she admires and identifies with. She doesn’t go with “what’s hot now”.
    I find her sincere and not an idiot, which is rare in the pop music world that I normally can’t stand.
    I just wish her music would match up with her visual aesthetic more- a little darker and magical.

  15. Considering Fox News thinks everything not Republican or hyper-conservative is poisonous to America, it doesn’t make her edgy to have them condemn her. 😛

    I was okay with her until she started jacking gothic subculture style and her Little Monsters started fawning over the new turn in her “original” style…

  16. I gotta say I am starting to get a little bored of seeing everyone using those same boots from punitive shoes.

    I am curious how she merits being called a poison for the minds of our kids! Snort! I mean she pretty objectified and hyper-sexualized but “a poison”? Really?!

  17. have never watched or heard anything she has done.
    but….ohhhhh myyy do i lov those boots in th 1st pic.lucky girl