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Haute Macabre Approved: Agyness Deyn

Even though I put in several hours a week scouring magazines and fashion blogs, I really don’t care about models. I can’t even tell them apart. For the most part, other than a few truly legendary ladies that any old Joe off the street could identify from a mile away, I don’t even know their names. I simply don’t care. This isn’t to say anything bad about them- being human coat hangers is their job. If they’re doing it right, it’s the clothes that shine and not the model. But this new cover for Love reminded me that every once in a while a model has so much personality she just can’t put a damper on in. So, model or not, I have to admit it. I have a huge giant girl crush on Agynesss Deyn.

Agyness Agnes Deyn blonde billy idol look leather jacket

model agyness deyne topless magazine cover

Agyness Deyn model latex thigh-high stockings garter

model agyness deyne leather jacket bandage dress microphone

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7 Comment

  1. I think she’s fabulous however I think bridge piercings are positively hideous. I hope it’s fake, she has beautiful eyes and it just detracts from how pretty she is. Thumbs up for Agyness, but thumbs way down for that horrendously ugly piercing.

  2. Well, with guys like Ash Stymest and Cole Mohr cropping up (I’m definitely seeing more models with piercings and tattoos…), it looks like fashion is more interested in models with some kind of personality these days, so it’s cool someone like Agyness Deyn is stepping up for the women! ^_^

    Otherwise, I know what you mean about not giving a shit about the models… <_<