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London Event: Vivianne Westwood Retrospective

Selfridges London opened a retrospective of Vivienne Westwood footwear on August 26th. Vivienne Westwood Shoes, An Exhibition 1973 – 2010 runs through September 22nd in the Ultralounge, on the lower ground floor.

Does the phrase “Hilarious Drag Queen Crime Caper” come to mind for anyone else? I think there’s a movie to be made in here somewhere. (Insert gratuitous “Ocean’s Size 11” joke here).

For those of us without the ready cash for a flight to the UK, there is a lovely coffee table book on the subject:Vivienne Westwood: Shoes is unconnected to the Selfridges exhibit, but features many of the same Westwood masterpieces.

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  1. That’s so funny you posted this — I was strolling through Selfridges the other day in London after going a bit crazy at McQueen and Dior (new Shoe Galleries, JESUS) when I stumbled upon this wonderful exhibit. Some really lovely, iconic shoes there.

  2. Ah, Vivienne…I’ve been fascinated with her since I learned about her involvement with the Sex Pistols back in the 70’s and her shop “Sex” where the punks got all of their clothing. Amazing little piece of history, that shop!