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Match Made in Heaven

And no, I don’t mean Jean-Paul Gaultier and La Perla (Hand-crafted lingerie starting at $600). I mean me, and those panties.

Does anyone have a first-born child I can sell?

I think this might be some sort of ultimate dating test. I am not looking for the man who will buy me this underwear. I am looking for the man who will understand this underwear.

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  1. Hell, I’m getting flustered just thinking about prancing around in those little numbers!

    Honestly, if a guy can’t appreciate that wearing hot underwear can make all the difference to the sex-factor of a woman, there is something he’s missed. I feel a hell of a lot better when I know my underwear’s as fabulous as my outerwear. It’s like wearing gorgeous shoes. It adds a certain strut.

  2. my boyfriend ~begs~ me to do everything around the house in lingerie, of course I am happy to oblige. I think we would both be super stoked if I did my house cleaning in those babies.

    & yay for the straight boys with am appreciation for sexy lingerie.You guys rock!

  3. @MM, I’m a feminist who loves lingerie, but I once dated a guy who said he preferred it when I just got naked… lingerie was just “got in the way of business.” Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last long. Hopefully, our duds weren’t the same guy… I wouldn’t wish my ex on anyone!

  4. For all some feminists pull the “lingerie = male oppression” card, I feel like a lot of dudes just don’t get cool lingerie. My ex didn’t even like sexy corsets because they’re “too hard to take off”…I don’t know how many men would enjoy that shoulder padded thing.


  5. Looks like we have some pretty decent guys here! Straight guys that work in fashion coming out of the woodwork? Can we have photos of you? 😉

    I think most men would understand how incredibly sexy the underwear is, however it’s the price tag they wouldn’t understand (unless they’re married and rich).

  6. My very straight boyfriend would lose it if I stomped around in those panties, and so would I. All sorts of hot.

  7. I love it as well. The designs are amazing. It is the kind of stuff you have your girl dress up in and walk around the apartment looking all sorts of HOT!

    Working in fashion does have it’s advantages as far as understanding style and fashion. I just wish I worked in a higher end company so my paycheck could afford these FAB fashions!!!

    Yes I am straight. ;P


  8. I’m straight. And I think they’re freakin’ amazing. But that’s because I have a degree in Fashion Design. And for the record… most men don’t understand fashion at all. Only the ones lucky enough to have a lady, or our father’s, explain it to us. :p

    So yeah, Nix, wanna go out sometime? *wink wink*