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Smoking Lounge

Smoking is Prohibited jewelry by Insinuo.

Public opinion is greatly divided on the nature of smoking- is it sexy or disgusting, a matter of individual rights or public health? Is the clove cigarette ban a personal attack, and why do the new clove cigars taste like peat moss? What is with those electric cigarettes, anyhow? Whatever your stance on the subject, there is one incontrovertible fact: Samantha smokes like a Marla. This is, of course, because Samantha is a Marla. And these are totally for her.

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  1. The electric cigarettes look really goofy to me, and seem like they’d ruin the fun of smoking.

    I didn’t know they had clove cigars! Are they really that bad? Thankfully I am Canadian so I’m still allowed to smoke my (ridiculously expensive) Djarum Specials.

  2. Those electric cigarettes have blue lights at the end to distinguish them from normal cigarettes in places where the smoking ban is in effect over here. Somehow I feel that if normal cigarettes had always burned blue I would’ve been on my way to a 30-a-day throat cancer jobbie a long time ago.