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Olapa Boot, $199.95 † Sidon Boot, $199.95

Asmick Shoe, $120.00 † Baco Boot, $180.00

I’m not entirely sure what’s up with Tsubo. They seem to be a company with multiple personalities. They make some really ugly shoes of the sort that look totally comfortable and functional and that middle-aged Berkeley hippies wear with yoga pants to go to Trader Joe’s.  Then again, they make some perfectly middle-management shoes with sensible heels and rubber soles, in a variety of neutral tones, which speak to me of carpeted cubicle walls, morning meetings, and standing in line for the copy machine. But on the third hand, they also make some really strange and adorable boots- the Sidons are right at the top of my current want list. I love the turned-up toes, and although I haven’t personally tried them on (yet) rumor has it they are super-comfy. Has anyone experimented with these? Opinions?

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  1. Get the Sidon boots! The toe is not actually turned up – there is a 1″ hidden platform in front that is cut away towards the toes, so they look turned up but your foot actully rests in what feels like a flat position, despite the fact that the heel height is 3 1/2″ (that 1″ front platform again).

  2. Hey Nixon — I haven’t worn these specifically, but generally I find that shoes that turn up at the toes are kind of a pain if you have bunions, just b/c of how they bend the foot right at the ball joint. That’s all I got. 🙂 Worth a try-on, though. They look great, it’s just a matter of how they’ll feel.

  3. @ Momatella – If you read what I wrote over again without leaping to defensiveness, you may notice that I did not in fact characterize people by their age, nor would I begin to assume that only the young can be cool. I’m no spring chicken myself, and the entire POINT of this blog is and has always been ‘fashion for the grown-up Goth’. What I referred to was a rather narrow slice of humanity- “middle-aged Berkeley hippies”- who are indeed characterized by Crocs, yoga pants, and an an addiction to “Eat, Pray Love.”

  4. LOL @ the Hippies… I’ve seen those shoes all over the yippies that take their overpriced pooches to Runyon Canyon.

    I’m hoping for a shoe company that makes comfortable, fashion-forward shoes that don’t look completely ridiculous. LD Tuttle is totally on-point but SOOO out of a normal price range.

    I’ve been eyeing the Sidon boots myself. They look super-comfy. The Nabu pump is pretty hot too! However, Jeffrey Campbell is way too enticing.

  5. I am more than “middle-aged” and have been in the fashion industry with Jared Gold, and I see NO reason why a company should be only for the wants of a certain age! Wait and see how it feels to be on your feet or working in a cubicle (which many of you do). Why not have a great company who tries to offer something for all ages?
    btw–you may be “dark and edgy”, but how about being cool enough to not characterize people by their age–look as Betsey Johnson!

  6. You completely nailed it. I’ve followed this brand and could never quite put my finger on why they seemed a bit ‘off’. It is because they are completely schizophrenic in their appeal. But! I have had a pair and will say they were super comfy. The Olapa boot in grey has me drooling!

  7. I just bought the Sidon boots. They are incredibly comfortable considering I am terrible at wearing heels. They also run true to size and have rubber soles. The only problem I have had with them is with not knowing how to tie them well initially and the laces coming undone.

  8. My favorite go anywhere, kick anything boots are by Tsubo. I can trek through muddy fields, go to dinner, and hit my favorite goth club without changing shoes. Plus, they seem to last forever.