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  1. Wow people have their panties in a twist over here. I think this photoshoot is awesome. Gross yet gorgeous. How is this anti-feminism? If it is the photographer’s choice or preference to have women models in this concept shot, then that’s a matter of preference. It’s more visually striking and there is supposed to be an obvious contrast. Also as a former vegan myself, calm down girlies, no need to start a protest over someone eating a burger, if an artist wants to use meat as a mask then so be it. How interesting would it be if the photographer wanted to start controversy from the meat? You’d be acting just how he wanted. People get offended over anything.

  2. @Barb
    I really doubt there is anything new here in terms of the message.
    And if they are giving approval to it – I’ve noticed a weird step towards anti-feminism with women “ironically” priding themselves on the “power” they have from being the objects of lust and beauty – that’s nothing new either.
    So I’ll just appreciate some of the images for the purely aesthetic qualities and try to think there is no idea behind this at all. 😛

    And for people who say art has the right to be vulgar simply for the sake of being vulgar, I just have to laugh and say that’s just pathetic. I’m a working artist and I have to deal with this shit sooo much.
    Don’t even get me started on performance art!

  3. I like how the swiss cheese wraps around her face like a veil, and clings to the outline of her lips.The squid ink spaghetti one reminds me of the contagious, evil infection of the boars and other characters in Princess Mononoke.

    That said, I find this set of images rather vulgar – for similar reasons to those stated by others before me – if not repulsive, particularly the second last one. Without the context of the set using food it looks like runny s***.

  4. “But, seriously, this sort of thing is so old hat in the contemporary art world”

    yea, that’s kinda what I was getting at – it gets done again and again, is there a new message here? women = conumable commodity, but they are trying so damn hard to make them beautiful and sexy, it seems like they’re giving their approval to the idea. My “what is the message?” was meant to be rhetorical.

  5. @ Barb

    Because women are commodities like food, duh. 😉
    But, hey, if they did some men like this, I suppose it evens the scale, huh?

    But, seriously, this sort of thing is so old hat in the contemporary art world. I never really liked it – mostly because the women being “consumed” in our patriarchal society thing is not particularly insightful – so I can appreciate some of these for pure visual effect but the banana cum woman – black, no less – and the meat girls are not cool, no matter which way the commentary is going.

  6. heh, I read my comment again, and it sounds like I’m saying that I’d like to see men like this. What I was getting at is that in the several sets of photos I’ve seen like this, it’s always women – why aren’t there any men getting messed up like this? It does seem kind of degrading to see the poor models smeared with banana or tapenade or whatever some of that stuff is, what is the message here?

  7. I’m pretty grossed out by this one! At first I thought it was just vegetarian me turned off by the meat, but the shot managed to make even chocolate sprinkles look disgusting.

  8. Actually, having mutilated animal corpses smeared and hung over the faces of beautiful women is pretty brutal. I can dig.

  9. @.typhoid: Haha. Nice try. rly.
    You [u]know[/u] that I meant Pic No. 2 and 3.

    But…you know that Milk is in chocolate? Did you know that calves are murdered in the Milk Industry, too?
    But I guess you wont understand the thoughts of veganism.

  10. I’m really not into the idea of having a food item smeared on me for my boyfriend to lick off or vice versa, so maybe I’m not really the target audience, but while a few of these are rather interesting, the one with the banana and the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom just look gross.

  11. Yeah, killing animals and taking photos of corpse parts on faces is creepy. But NOT beautiful, just absolutly useless.

  12. i particularly like the first one and the one with the flour pouring off her face. it’s beautiful and creepy at the same time.