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Mixed Nuts

I figured it was about time for one of those random posts where I kick everything out of my ‘guys fashion’ folder. This is scattered, but each of these pictures had something going on that was totally worth saving. The top one is obvious- that jacket is fantastic.

I’m usually pretty over photoshoots with gas masks, but this one is really all about the jewelry. That black spike ring is pretty fantasctic. Also, between the gas mask and the hair, he reminds me of my ex in the middle of a serious baking disaster.

This is all about balance-  the military jacket and scarf are great, but if this guy had longer hair it would probably come off as foppish and ridiculous. Instead, it comes off as relaxed, sexy, and modern.

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  1. Hmm…I think the last one could use a hat. Not a foppish one, of course. It would be interesting if it was just sitting on the ground next to him, actually, because it would add a bit of narrative intrigue.

  2. Gas masks were interesting I used one for my noise project whilst performing live, it was supposed to invoke images of a dystopian future which is what the music was mostly inspired by. Loads of kids started wearing them with out getting what it was about or the fact that being on stage is not real life it’s theatre…not to mention makes drinking, eating and several other enjoyable things quite difficult to do. Anyways this it what it used to look like before I ditched it.

  3. Ah, Nixon—You know I love a visit to Haute Macabre that includes the xy set…


    @msalistar: Correct you are! Here’s a link including Jethro’s slickest, siiickest editorials [Note the Goth-As-Fuck Zed Photo, Courtesy V Mag]:




    @Maria: You’ve got my vote, dearling—Dandies are dandy, & fops are fab…All same, I think the context Nix intends is that of the concerned-about-his-appearance-to-the-point-of-Just-Shut-Up, Already foppery.

    or, to be ‘All Wiki About It & Shit,’ please allow me to ref:

    “The fop was a stock character in English literature and especially comic drama, as well as satirical prints. He is a ‘man of fashion’ who overdresses, aspires to wit, and generally puts on airs, which may include aspiring to a higher social station than others think he has…”


    “A modern-day fop may also be a reference to a foolish person who is overly concerned about their clothing and incapable of engaging in intellectual conversations, activities or thoughts.”

    (Said another way? In contemporary vernacular, I believe the term one would use is ‘poseur.’)