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Shoeturday : Look Familiar?

Not surprisingly, Forever 21 has introduced a Jeffrey Campbell wedge knockoff to its impossibly large collection.  Priced at under $50, it might be a viable (and probably poorly made) alternative to the consistently sold out original 99.

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  1. I agree, Sally! The leather on my 99’s pulled away from the shoe after the third wear, nevermind that my heels slipped constantly until I added a liner, heel pad, and rear grip. Sold them on eBay not long after without regret. The F21 version probably has better traction!

  2. They also have the knockoff of Chloe from a few seasons ago that Topshop, ASOS, and Jeffrey Campbell knocked off last fall.

    The thing about buying cheap shoes is they’re poorly made out of environmentally unsound materials. Overconsumption is what is fucking our planet. Can’t afford it? Buy vintage next season. Or, get your booze at Trader Joe’s and drink at home to afford shoes that aren’t made out of PVC in China and won’t fall apart in less than 8 weeks.

    Forever 21 is so shameless. A knockoff of a knockoff of a knockoff…

  3. They are absolutely shameless, no? I can’t imagine these would be as comfortable as my 99’s, or feel as well made. These do look like cheap knockoffs, even for casual wear.

  4. i actually have these as my backup work shoes. they’re not atrocious in person, but touching them definitely gives away the quality of them vs the Jeffrey Campbell 99. The F21 shoes are also not as comfortable as the 99, as I find most F21 shoes require a good shoe insert.

  5. The quality of these looks extremely bad. Forever 21 shoes are not the best in quality, I have a few, and they tend to fall appart.

  6. I have the Jeffrey Campbell ones, & besides the leather the shoes look almost exactly alike.

    I may have to get the forever21 version for work.