Slide in All Directions | Haute Macabre

Slide in All Directions

Pierre Debusschere’s animated iPad editorial for Vouge Japan‘s Digital Edition.

The future of fashion is apparently very fuckin’ creepy.

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  1. This takes me back to the internet ca. 1996, when pages full of gifs were all the rage. I actually like the jerky, “malfunctioning android” quality; it fits the aesthetic of the shoot quite well. (Bonus for indecisive photographers: Can’t decide which shot you like best in a near identical series? Use ’em all! Make a gif!)

  2. Creeped out, mainly because my machine is showing these as herky-jerky movements. They all look like malfunctioning androids — seeing the (I imagine) more fluid version of the movements would give me a different impression of the shoot.