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Squeak Machine

Alternative model, make-up artist, and queen of the dreadfalls, Squeak is just about the only person I’ve ever met who can pull off bubblegum pink and still look like she might kick your ass.  She has recently launched her own site, SqueakMachine, with a ton of makeup tips and tutorials, DIY sewing projects, and hair how-tos. There are also lots of photo galleries to look through, including a hair color gallery that…GASP…actually tells you what dye or dye combo they used and what hair color they started with.

Whether or not you have Squeak’s Rainbow Brite aesthetic, there is useful information here:  how to get a French manicure to look right at home (mine is currently white with black tips), how to bleach stencil a shirt, and how to get a properly oozy zombie throat wound, for example.

bright blue hair dye

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  1. the only brightly colored website you will catch me looking up DIY bleach patterns for clothes. great site, much respect.