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The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said…

Halloween costume ideas mythology three norns style bible

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of Halloween…

OK, maybe that’s not actually what the Walrus said. But if it had been fast approaching October, he probably would have. You know what that means. It means half of you haven’t even started your costumes, and the rest of you haven’t finished them. Many of you haven’t even decided on a concept yet. And so, I thought a that a little inspiration might be in order as we approach the very best holiday of them all.

For today’s inspiration, we turn to the classics: the mythology of Greece and Rome. We  also turn to Style Bible.

Halloween costume ideas mythology zodiac signs style bible

Halloween costume ideas mythology mother earth erda style bible

Halloween costume ideas mythology odin winged hat style bible

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5 Comment

  1. Now I feel silly, because I want to be Odin every day! But then, I am silly…
    I vote for more costumes like this and fewer tarted-up-somethings.

  2. yes, they’re Norse, but there is plenty of lovely Greco-Roman stuff on the Style Bible link above.

    Really exquisite styling, and damn timely too- I need to get started on my costume. And I think I might chose Hecate.

  3. I aggree with SaraBee, unfortunately the pictures have nothing to do with Greek/Roman mythology. Still, they are gorgeous!

  4. Just wanted to point out that three out of the four pictures (The Norns, Erda, Odin) are from Norse mythology, which is neither Greek nor Roman.