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Here Be Dragons

Dragon Earrings, $45  †  Dragon Hangers, $39.99

Ourbourus earrings, $26 † Dragon Loops, $65

Finding myself craving a better pair of carved dragon earrings today. I am particularly in love with that first pair, but am I wrong for doubting that anyone in the US carved those at that price? Perhaps I am too much of an Etsy purist?

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  1. I too wanted to order something from Ebone but cannot figure out how to place an order, I really like their bone jewelry.

    In the process of stretching my ears, I’m at a 10gauge now but really can’t wait til I get to 4,that’s where i’m stopping, I really want those Ourbourus earrings.

  2. The gauges in question are probably not handmade in the US. I actually bought a pair of gauges from them, only to find them in a mall kiosk a bit later…