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Motorcycle Boots

motorcycle boots

Boutique 9 Cathy, $159.99 † Madison et Cie Moto, $495.00

Motorcycle boots are all the rage. But they are also an icon and a wardrobe staple. A good pair should last you roughly until the end of time as long as you care for the leather and pick fairly traditional style. There are zillions of variations on the theme out there right now, but personally I want my motorcycle boots to look like motorcycle boots. That pretty much means round toes, beat-to-shit black leather, and a sensible boot heel. I do not want high-heeled motorcycle boots, cowboy-boot toes, laces, or half a pantleg attached to the top. A zipper here and there I can accept. I’m fond of harnesses and straps. But mostly, these should be pull-on, super comfortable, all-purpose boots. I’m still not sure I’ve found the right pair- I really like those Eagle Eyes, but Chinese Laundry never seems truly comfortable to me, and this is one case where comfort is queen. This may well be one of those times when picking up a used pair on eBay or at the local Goodwill is actually the best bet.

motorcycle boots

Ash Women’s Shine , $294.95  † Chinese Laundry Eagle Eye, $179.95

dsquared2 Harley, $825.00 †  Ash Zipper Buckle , $295.00

Anybody out there have a pair they truly love? Share!

And while I’m at it, other than a few I didn’t much like at Shepler’s,  there doesn’t seem to be much out there in the way of boot harnesses, which seem like a sensible way to dress up a plain pair of boots. Hop to it, crafters! I sense a void in Etsyville…

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  1. I’m surprised Westco’s haven’t been mentioned. – That’s the women’s section, Oddly enough they don’t have up photos of a lot of their boots for women, but anything that isn’t pictured in the women’s section IS pictured in the men’s section. ( )

    They can make their boots custom so you can actually pick what you want on them. This is a preview of the options available for custom orders:

    They become really expensive really quickly, but they’re sexy, they are yours and they will last FOREVER.

    They make my boot fetish “squeee!”

    Also in the last month or two they released a new line of more designer boots Here’s some photos:
    Here’s the site: (It’s all uncontrollable flash, Booo! so looking at the above linked slideshow is helpful)

  2. I ride a motorcycle as my sole menas of transportation (Except when it rains *grumble stupid rain *grumble*) so I wear these pretty much every day

    technically they are categorized as “fashion boots” but having gone down a few times and not gotten more than a few scuffs that were easily buffed out on them I’m extremely happy with these boots. I just wish they had made the front panel a bit stiffer because they do have a tendency to slouch around the ankles a bit, not very noticeable really but I hate slouching boots

  3. For fairly unadulterated takes on classics I’m a big Steve Madden fan! I’m not seeing any spectacular motorcycle boots this season, but last season there were some great ones. Now I’m in love with their take on the combat boot, the Troopa. Love!

  4. for the past few years, i have basically lived in the pair of discontinued Molt’s motorcycle/engineer boots i found in my exact size at a Salvation Army store in my city. The left toe area has inevitably split open from the sole through all my weather-proof use…i was so sad to think I would have to replace them. I haven’t thrown them out because they were just too perfect and i’m hoping i can somehow get them repaired. looking online for anything similar has just been useless while everything is either too expensive or just not right. i ended up buying Blowfish’s Hanuku boots as an Autumn all-occasion boot….but it’s just not right! not heavy or tough looking enough, the buckles jingle when i walk and the purple intereior is silly looking. at this point, i feel like i’ve lost a child! haha

  5. I find that the best place to get motorcycle boots is from a company that makes motorcycle gear. The prices are usually competitive and the boots hold up a lot better than the man-made material ones I have bought from retail stores.

    These are on my “To purchase” list: Too bad they don’t come in smaller sizes for women. But these are very much my style.

  6. i have matisse boots, the style is harley and apparently is not longer made. they look like this year’s triumph style except i have 2 buckles on the upper. they’re the perfect shade of dark grey and lasted thru 4 snows last year and countless rain storms. fantastic with skinnies or dresses. currently $192 from or $188 from

  7. I’ve got a pair of Fluevog moto boots that I love and wear whenever possible (in Texas, grumble heat grumble). I just found another pair over this summer that are a sort of pewter leather and zip up the side instead of being pull on, by Guess, at Buffalo Exchange ($25! score!). probably not quite as durable as the Fluevogs but they’re still nice and also comfortable. 🙂 I’m pretty excited to be able to wear them more now that fall/winter is approaching…

  8. Speaking on the behalf of Etsy-types, what would you want in a boot harness? Spikes, studs, bat wings? Ask, and I’m sure someone can do it.

    And if you haven’t seen them yet, the crystal/spike harnesses at Indecorous Taste are super-fly.

  9. I have a really nice looking basic pair from Xelement but they are way too wide for me and thus no good for wear when there’s any walking involved 🙁

  10. I’ll also vouch for Frye, though I got the 12R harness boots. Both that and the engineer pair mentioned by Emily have thicker leather than a lot of their boots, but are very soft. Honestly, they only took a day to wear in, and have lasted for two years now with barely a scuff. Also, they’ve made it through midwestern winters, which is a bonus.

  11. Well, i don’t own them, but I’ve always liked Jeffrey Campbell’s Brit Boot:$detail-item$

    I’ve more typically heard these boots called an Engineer boot, before they got the Motorcycle tag.

    I honestly believe the Frye boots are the best of the bunch in this category though. Maybe Harley as well, considering H-D’s boots and shoes are all SO FRIGGIN’ COMFY. I have heels from them and they are cushy cushy in the interior, which is so considerate.

    Mine are Durango, your sort of standard issue Engineer/Motorcycle/Harness boot:

    I’ve worn them in the city, in the saddle, to the range and to the bars and they are wearing in really nice. Put insoles in these though. The wooden stacked heel on concrete was too much for my back until I got gel soles in there and now it’s perfect.

  12. Funny. I’m on the hunt as well!
    In fact, I just RETURNED these today!

    They were a size too long and a half size too narrow, the toe wasn’t quite round enough (more like an oxford oval) and the zippers weren’t meant to be zipped! They gape open and if you do (by the grace of god) manage to zip them up, they pucker around the bottom since they’re meant to be worn with the plaid flannel showing. I really wanted them to work. They’re so simple and lovely, but I fear I may be shelling out much more money in the future just to find what I want.

    If anyone knows any indy boot makers/shops that don’t usually show up in a google search HOLLER!


    I love these. They are superbly comfortable. I’ve traveled in them and wear them ALL the time. It’s either these boots or my victorian knee high lace ups. ; )

    I’ve worn motorcycle boots for the past 15+ years. Sadly had to replace my original ones after resoling and re-zippering them so many times! i haven’t had to resole the Timberlands once since buying them and I’m a bad offender of dragging my heels. 😛

  14. My favorite pair of motorcycle boots (actually, my favorite pair of any boots) was a pair of Double H’s I got on ebay for $20. They were barely used, with an ankle strap and side zip. I had to let them go to the back of the closet after 5 years because they had gotten too much seawater on them (I worked a few summers at a marine lab). The leather is impregnated with salt and cracking. Every once and awhile they come out to play, but I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet.

  15. I have a pair of Frye Engineer 12Rs and they fit all the criteria – very basic, very durable, very comfortable, and waterproof. I bought them when I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Much less gimmicky than the ones linked here – I’m a purist, too, so theses slouchy embellished buckles-and-rivets-and-zippers things are just not my style. A motorcycle boot is a statement in and of itself, it really doesn’t need extras.