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Stirring The Cauldron Of Commerce

generation hex, witch house

witch haus,witch house

†‡†‡† [an aesthetic companion] †‡†‡†

witch house, witch haus

tokyolux, audrey kitching

Double Cross Grey Dress : Tokyolux

tokyolux, audrey kitching

Exclusive Print for WKWYDLN : Maaike Mekking

Hand-Printed Witch Tee : China Le, from the blog With Asian Stereotypes

camilla welton, gaia coat

Gaiia Coat : Camilla Welton

cloak, lindsey thornburg

Cloak : Lindsey Thornburg

anna holma anderson, leather collar

AHA Collar : Anne Holm Alexanderson

horse hair necklace, occult, black sheep prodigal sons

the  “Tasunke” Horse Hair Necklace


horse hair cross, occult, black sheep prodigal sons

Jet Black & Ghost White “Pah” Horse Hair Cross : Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

pyramid necklace, all for the mountain

Pyramid Necklace : All For The Mountain

pamela love, triangle breastplate

Triangle Breastplate,

rosary daggery, pamela love

Dagger Rosary,


talon cuff, pamela love

Talon Claw Cuff : Pamela Love

Oxidized Silver Crossed Sticks pendant : Suzanne Schmitt of  Nr 4

Noemi Klein, Bird Skull

Bird Skull Necklace with Black Stones : Noemi Klein

Petal to the Metal, rose neck piece, neckpiece

‘Petal To The Metal’ resin black rose neckpiece :
[Ebony Fleur & Amber Joy’s] Make Believe

witches spell

“Double Double, Toil & Trouble” : Kimari Jewelry

planchette, ouija board, blood milk

Planchette Oracle Ring : Blood Milk Jewelry

ouija board, necklace, occult

Ouija Board : Treasured Charms

pentacle, occult, necklace

Pentacle : Echo & Wild

pentagram harness, zana bane, garbage dress

Black Leather  Pentagram Harness : Zana Bane of Garbage Dress

baphomet pendant, ugly shyla

Gunmetal with Black Rhinestones Baphomet pendant & necklace : Ugly Shyla

pentagled, satanic humor, actual pain

Pentangled, &

fire witch, satanic, actual pain

the Fire Witch // Crew Neck Sweater : Actual Pain

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C O M I N G . S O O N

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  1. I often visit Haute Macabre to do my online shopping from season to season. Ugly Shyla’s work is fantastic, I’d love to see other designs she has created featured on here.

  2. umm, re: the inverted cross? there’s a star of david on the print, as well… (coming from actual pain, obviously the design is tongue-in-cheek)

    separate from any ~religious issues, there’s SO DAMN MANY THINGS HERE TO COVET!

    thank you clint for turning me on to Witch House (however those damn symbols go)… i want to dress up in that gaia coat, pamela love talon cuff, planchette oracle ring and dagger rosary, and play salem’s “king night” at eardrum-splitting volumes….


  3. RE: Kristen
    I love wearing upside down crosses because of the fact, it how people perceive it. It shocks them, when really it shouldn’t. It’s like the swastika, which everyone thinks of the Nazis, but really has tons of other meanings.

  4. I love it its classic beautiful dark and sexy its got everything I definitelly would wear especially the jacket and the pentagram and the bird oh wow gorgeous!!!!!
    i love everything!!!

  5. Very cool, Shyla. I know you had your Baphomet up on Facebook but I didn’t get to actually look at it until now.

  6. sweeet. loving the variety here – along with the wide spectrum of how
    ‘trianglecore’ relates in terms of fashion. I wonder how that Tokyolux dress would look as a men’s shirt…

  7. That Talon Claw cuff is beautiful! And of course Shyla’s baphomet pendants are the cat’s meow as well. All gorgeous stuff, keep up the witchy posts! Hail Satan!

  8. I really like the big cross t-shirt, though not as much as her necklace! Too goth for just one ankh! The dagger rosary is awesome too, I like the look of crosses but I don’t really like wearing them. A dagger is a perfect substitute.

  9. cracks me up when an upside down cross is seen as anti christian when in fact its one of the highest orders within the catholic church – st peter was crucified upside down and on ever pope’s throne is an upside down cross ! lol…these people need to research better hehe

    i do like the bird skull and dagger rosary though!

  10. Great comprised list of needs. It was cool to see that shopwas was featured here. I bought a few necklaces from them a while back and they’ve become part of a uniform for me. Seriously though it’s far too underrated, the blog is a constant read as well!

  11. Great compendium of dark wears. I love China Le’s withasianstereotypes shop. I have the shirt that says “We Lived Our Lives in Black” and I’ll wear it ’till it’s threadbare!

  12. Great stuff! Although I am very tired of the triangles and crosses. Not sure about anything by Tokyolux, also. I’ve looked through that line and it just seems like a rip off of other shitty clothes from Wildfox.