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Strapped for Cash

spiked heel shoe harness

I love it when you guys turn up something awesome I had no idea existed! Thanks to HM reader Baxt for turning me on to these outrageous shoe harnesses from Indecorous Taste ($275 -$575/pair). They might not be quite right for everyday wear, but they pretty much rock for everything else.

Baxt also posed us a good question- what do you want in a shoe harness? Personally, I would like just a plain harness, for one thing. Something simple to update my Fluevog cowboy boots or Angels, for example, or look really funky on my black-and-white Docs. Just leather straps and a ring, nothing fancy. Beyond that, the options seem pretty much endless. “Strappy” seems to be the word of the season on boots, and I’d much rather buy straps than all new shoes. The same with spikes- it seems like something I wouldn’t want often enough to invest a ton, but a spiked harness in shiny patent would do wonders for several pairs of my heels.

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  1. Oh my god! I have D rings, leather, spikes… I SMELL A PROJECT! Those shoes are pure SEX. Its a very weird feeling, wanting to simultaneously eat and fuck a shoe… Hmm.. Must need more coffee, my psyche is off xD

  2. I actually bought a pair of these and I love them! They’re solid and I haven’t had any problems with them falling off my feet. They have buckles and a lot of holes, and the straps are a lot longer than I expected. The quality is definitely better than most of the shoes I plan to put them on, lol.

  3. You can get similar stuff (maybe not as pokey) at aldo for for under $40. Not to mention they are ridiculously easy to make.

  4. I have a boot harness – a friend of mine in VA bought a pair before I moved out to LA, he kept one and I got one (aw!). They are fun, mine is a ridiculous cowboy thing, the buckle has a cow and horseshoes on it –
    It used to have 4 9mm bullets (empty, not live) but 2 of them have fallen out and gotten lost.

    The strappy ones photographed look cool but I don’t see how they’d stay in place if you took as many as 4 or 5 steps, they need some loops to tuck through and a buckle at the end to keep them in place.

  5. Replace the spikes and ginormous crystals with something else and I’d be all over these. I have to agree with everyone else about the price though, talk about overpriced indeed! The idea certainly has a lot of merit, however, for anyone wanting to update the look of a shoe and extend its visual life/add some variety.

  6. These are ridiculously overpriced… I could get new shoes for that price. XD

    I rarely say this, haha, but there are plenty of cheaper options on Etsy, to be honest… not to mention, some metalworkers who make insane spikes and studs who can totally supply you with everything you need to make these yourself!