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But We Were Younger Then

Sometimes I find myself staring in horror at a crowd of teenage Mallgoths on the street, and I think to myselfย  “Is my memory just all wrong? Did we look just as ridiculous at that age? Did we just think we were beautiful and badass? Was it really all that different at all?”

It was. And in case you forgot, Now This is Gothic, a Tumblblog dedicated to pictures of Goth-without-a-W, would be happy to remind you.ย  Composed of grainy snapshots, school pictures, club fliers, pages torn from magazines- the stuff you probably still have somewhere in a shoebox in your Mom’s garage, the blog manages with almost no words to remind you that once upon a time, from Denmark to Kansas, there actually was a thing called Goth. And it was pretty, and badass, and we all had REALLY FUCKING BIG HAIR.

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  1. I’m in two of these pics–and I have to say we were beautiful back then, and a lot of what I see passed off as “gothic” these days is just plain butt-ugly. Sad to see so much of what we did style-wise has been absorbed into the mainstream and parts of it are used completely out of context. Whenever I see an otherwise normal teen with purple hair wearing bluejeans and A&F crap, I usually want to tell them “you’re welcome”, or something like “either go home and change, or dye your hair back to brown”.

  2. I have to agree, i am ashamed to be referred to as a “goth” these days because of how it is perceived. I almost miss the days when nobody knew what goth was(ie wasn’t mainstream) & people would always ask me “do you worship the devil” or my favorite “are you a head-banger?” I’m 32 & can recall the last time I saw any respectable crowd of goths-it was early-mid 90s. I miss that time & I’m sure would miss it even more if I was that age in the 80’s. And the way “goth” guys dress now? eek! it’s bad..really bad. I suppose I have strong feelings on this issue & I also kind of feel like the internet has made things worse, it kind of took away everyones creativity imo, everyone looks like everyone else-in the worse way possible.

    And I too miss brightly colored “edible” hair! I still have mine though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I hereby swear to use this blog to achieve my goal of following the example of my elders, especially in the hair department.

  4. There are still a few of us young’uns carrying on the look, fear not, Elders!

    We should take a page out of South Park’s book and go burn Hot Topic, the progenitor of the mall goth look. ๐Ÿ˜
    It really doesn’t help that the goth, or at this point, emo, look is “in” these days, as it tends towards very watered down, cheap versions flooding the streets.

    Depressing, innit?

  5. I love the utter sense of commitment imbued in that blog. Freaking brilliant and loads of fun, thanks for posting. I’m going to don some leggings and winklepickers!

  6. Ahhhh…. proper Goths! Thank you for posting this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the photos; it takes me back to my own Goth days back in Manchester in the 80โ€™s. When Goth guys looked hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. What are teenage mallgoths wearing now? I don’t get out much.

    I didn’t dress like this in the ’80s, since in the ’80s I was a kid. My teenage mallrat style was pretty lame, when I think about it. I was a tomboy, then suddenly I grew boobs. I didn’t know how to dress like a girl – like how to buy a bra? Totally lost there, I wore these awful cheap sports bra type things that just squished my boobs down. I didn’t know how to style my hair – I didn’t even know how you would learn, so I shaved my head. I didn’t learn how to put on makeup until I was in college.
    There are some lovely children of die nacht on that blog, but there are still a few that clearly needed some advice on how to get their whole look to come together. I can’t really imagine how you’d go about doing that if you lived in small town America before internet access was fairly common. I wasn’t even in the tiniest town, but I didn’t hear the term ‘gothic’ in reference to anything but literature and architecture until 1997.

  8. I was a teenage goth, although, way to late, early 00’s. No one in my small little village understood why the hell I had a huge black birds nest instead of a hair. Kind of depressing being a goth in an age when people my age seriously thought they were goth listening to Marilyn Manson or wearing heavy metal clothing. Still, must be way worse for you guys who lived through goths glory days.

  9. Ha ha, yes I was early 80’s Goth… before it became a fancy-dress uniform! There was so much variety back then and no-one really used that term until the mid-80’s from what I recall. Nice little trip down memory lane, big hair indeed!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this, it made me a little verklempt. I’ve had the exact same thoughts and you can’t really understand how wonderful it was unless you lived it. Glad someone is collecting the memories!