Leslie Creativename creations etsy silver chain harness
New Advertiser: Creativename Creations | Haute Macabre

New Advertiser: Creativename Creations

Leslie Creativename creations etsy silver chain harness

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Creativename Creations!

“I use the basic “alternative” fashion material such as chain and zipper (because every alt kid needs zippers to nowhere and chain everywhere) to make fun accessories.”

We love all of our advertisers here at Haute Macabre (well, all of the ones that get through the screening process, anyhow), but it’s always especially fun to bring you work by a personal friend.  Leslie Creativename makes ‘edgy handmade jewelry for fashionable alternative women’.  Currently, her shop is stocked with lots of chain harnesses, which are one of my weaknesses, along with a selection of  other jewelry.

Leslie Creativename creations steampunk necklace etsy chain harness

Also, she  can do serious damage to some tiki drinks.

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  1. Ana: It’s one thing to make it at home for yourself to wear because you can’t afford it and a completely different thing to make it and sell it to the general public for money under your name and claim that you designed it.

  2. And yet, when I suggested that people could make their own versions of these chain harnesses, I was ranted at by the readers of this very blogue.

  3. Um, it really doesn’t look good when Haute Mabacre gets up in arms about Mother of London getting ripped off and then on the next page one of your advertisers is ripping off another indie designer :/ A lot of those chain pieces look suspiciously like the ones designed by Sandee Shin at Armor Jewelry (http://www.armorjewelry.com/shop/)

    Just saying.