New Advertiser: Kteis | Haute Macabre

New Advertiser: Kteis

Welcome our newest advertiser, Kteis!

“Ethereal fashion items made of silk, inspired by art, goth culture, female myths, legends, mysteries and haute couture. From silk scarves to blouses, dresses and ties – you’ll find a story and magic behind each and every piece. Besides that, I love geometry and simple elegant chic. All my works are unique, hand painted with high quality dyes and steam fixed to last forever and more.”

And besides that, the shop is worth visiting for the photography alone.

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  1. @Heather, thanks! You are the sweetest.


    thanks for photography compliments!

    I understand that however hard I try to make my photos as versatile and informative as possible (along with description of items), internet is still a media limited to visuals and write-ups.

    Besides that, you can also look in my feedback, my customers love to leave them. 🙂

  2. there is some pretty fantastic photography on there but it always makes me wonder if the great photography is making up for a not so great product.. not knocking it at all,in fact, I really like the spiderweb scarf & will ask Santa for one this year.

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