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One of my favorite shops, Obscura Antiques and Oddities in New York City, has recently debuted its reality television show on the Discovery Channel.  Unfortunately, I missed the premier episode, but based off of the clips available on the Discovery site, it is surely to be a fantastic series.
For those of you in the New York area, you can visit Obscura at 280 East 10th Street, in the East Village of New York City, or watch Oddities Thursdays at 8 P.M. E/P on the Discovery Channel.

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  1. I just stopped in today based on this post…and the place is amazing. I had a nice browse and a lovely chat with the proprietress.

  2. that looks like a cool show, weird that i haven’t seen a commercial for it & I watch the Discovery channel very often.

    thanks for the heads up, seems like my kind of show.