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“By Definition, Accessories Are Supplemental…”

states Kerin Rose, Queen Bitch Supreme of A-Morir
or in hetero-normative, Yes-That-Was-A-Compliment-Honey vernacular:
the kind of company any self-respecting ornament addict wants to keep.

She continues, “There is no need to be practical.
So go big. Go hard, and go far.”

As one for whom the phrase ‘blending in’ refers to the procedure of eyeshadow application also known as ‘feathering,’ not a means of lifestyle, I think it goes without saying that I’m an advocate of the “Full-Force Or Not At All” philosophy.

But enough about me.  Let’s talk about some g-damn amazing sunglasses.

Miss Kerin’s latest design, Sabotage, serves a serious dose of  Correctness Uninterruptus.

Swarovskis & spikes?  Yes, please…

also of note:  The Barracuda.

Completely covered in hand-painted & hand-distressed pyramid studs,
they’re “not see-through, but you can see through them.”

& yeah, they are the shit…

Oh, &
These aren’t bad, either:

the  Halford III

Yeah, they’re good—but they’re “as good as they are evil.
Just the way we like them.”

& just the way we like you, Kerin…

Keep slaughtering ’em with mad style, darlin’!

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5 Comment

  1. Signy your comment was exactly what i posted about on fb a few weeks ago. I was enraged that someone called ballet boots “lady Gaga shoes”, no they are ballet boots.

  2. I have to say I agree that while bully for her that she’s making money doing what she’s doing, I can’t say I look at her sunglasses and think ‘Why yes, I’d pay several hundred dollars for that.’

    And the knockoffs that have been given the glam treatment – if they are knockoffs, but that seems likely – I wouldn’t have thought that someone whose stuff apparently gets snapped up by celebrities could pull that off… Then again, if she can, good for her.

    But as for not being loudly advertising about her clients, I wouldn’t really care more either way whether or not those people were fans of her work. If I like something and I can afford it within reason, I’ll get it. I won’t be more likely to get it just because the seller can document that some celebrity who’s currently in vogue has something similar or identical to the thing I wanted. In fact, I’m getting more than a little annoyed that these days it’s impossible to wear ‘different’ shoes or makeup, or even just spiked and studded things, without some imbecile accosting you and gushing about how you probably got the idea from some celebrity and how they’re big fans too. You don’t even have to be wearing anything remotely similar to something worn by some celebrity – if it’s ‘different’, they assume that’s where you got the idea.

    I long for the old days where the commenters just wanted to know whether you were in league with the Devil or weren’t aware that it wasn’t Halloween.

  3. I wish I’d had the idea to haphazardly stick shit through/onto science lab goggles, and sell it for hundreds of dollars.I also thought this blog would be mad that she’s bedazzling Alexander Wang knockoff? glasses.I’m down with the sabotage ones, but the rest look like a cheap mess to me.

  4. You know what I like? Her very DIY-blog-style website reflects the DIY of the sunglasses – BRILLIANT!

    (though expensive, real swarovski bedazzling takes AGES – her prices are totally realistic for the labor)

    She has the most amazing celebrity clientelle but the site is just as nonchalant badass as her designs. Very hipster – like an “I’m too cool to get excited that Rhianna and Lady Gaga think I’m the bee’s knees.” Respect.