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ASOS Marketplace

Lama Peach boots: Bly: £255.00 , Darcy, £245.00

ASOS has recently launched a UK-based Etsy-style online marketplace where individuals, boutiques and emerging designers can hawk their wares, including vintage and used items. I’m a fan of anywhere that is showcasing new talent, and I hope this takes off. Currently the selection is somewhat limited, and the prices are more boutique than bargain. However, I did find some interesting collections. I know that many of our readers are designers themselves, and certainly we all end up with some things in our closet we would love to resell, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of you take advantage of a new platform- individuals can list items for free, so there isn’t much t stop you from giving it a shot!

Electric-Ibiza bodywear: Aztec briefs:£95.00; Chain shoulder piece, £70.00

Alice Lee: Archer Leather-knit Trousers, £445.00; Weave Top with Leather Discs: £310.00

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