You’ll Put Your Eye Out | Haute Macabre

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  1. Did anyone else get a Vanilla Ice flashback from the pendant picture? Goggles would be fun…depending on your face shape I suppose, but not crazy overall of the pieces.


  2. I like the spikes….I say things go in and out of being trendy but as long as its rocked correctly and stylishly I say keep going with it….as there will always be reinterrpretations and I like seeing others take/visions on things.

  3. Isn’t this just continuing the ‘put spikes on everything’ trend we’ve been seeing so much of lately? Not that we’re complaining, mind, it just seems like this is the kind of thing a lot of us have already done before. The spike phase and the chain-loving is classic, and it works here, but we know this well by now…