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Better Late than Never

For one reason or another, I don’t spend very much time on Sears’ website. Maybe its just permanently scored into my brain as a decent place to buy a lawnmower or a leaf blower, but not exactly the home of Hip. Therefore, I can almost be pardoned for totally missing their Halloween website redesign in October- while other sites were sneaking subtle bats into their wallpaper and adding the occasional scream, Sears went all-out with a zombie redesign. You can check it out in all its glory here: Sears undead site. Personally, I think they should just stick with the concept year-round. Those ladies that attack you with horrid perfume would be far more tolerable as zombies, for example. Also it would give me an excuse to behead anyone who came at me waving an atomizer of J-Lo’s Glow.

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