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Melissa Rodwell, one of our dedicated readers, shot this editorial, later picked up by Australia’s KURV magazine.  Read the full story behind the shoot coming to life on Melissa’s blog, FPB : Fashion Photography Blog.

More NSFW images after the jump!  

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  1. I have never wanted a dress more than I do that gorgeous nude one in the first pics. Absolutely breathtaking! The shoot is gorgeous. How do I find these dresses??

  2. These are gorgeous. I love the lighting, shadows, models, location. Definitely in great taste.

    I have to go with Ellens comment, i’m in the same category too. I’m naturally super tiny and super thin, I get a lot of sammich eating comments.

  3. For me the issue is not that they are extremely thin but that this seems to be the favoured/predominating body type in high fashion models. In the general population it’s a rare proportion which most women are not. One could argue that it gives the market something to aspire to and isn’t that what advertising/promotion is all about? However that particular aspiration is unrealistic for most of us.

    I do feel that using slightly curvier/bigger breasted models would have upped the raunch factor on this shoot. Maybe they wanted it to be more pure, about naked vulnerability rather than sexiness. That’s what I’m seeing here anyway.

    Beautifully shot, I like the way their skin glows, and the images are well composed. Looking at the setting more closely I think it’s a room that has been dressed to look like a church/chapel, not an actual place of worship. They could quite easily have constructed that ‘stained glass’ window.

  4. Love it. Usually the whole church fashion photos look the same, but this one has a different feel.

    And I think the models are great, I have the same body type (which is DEFINATELY not from under eating) and I’m sick of the media/society demonizing skinny people, yet they don’t say anything about overweight people because they don’t want to offend. It’s silly. Also, keep in mind that most fashion models are very tall so they naturally have thin frames.

  5. Yes, the models are super-thin, and these shots make it painfully obvious, but I guess that’s nothing new in the world of fashion editorials. I, too, like the color, and I love that hood/tutu/spiderweb bracelet outfit in that third to last picture.

  6. The colors are great – saves the shoot from the usual cliche starkness of crucifixes-and-awesome-clothes-in-a-church-so-gothicccckkkk.

    Still, can’t help but feel shoots should stop with the whole church thing. It’s just an easy way to lend a sense of mysticism and/or “subversiveness” (especially if there are nekkid wimmins) to a shoot without any real reason.

  7. The photography is amazing. The models’ thinness does make the shoot work… but uh, yeah… they are really thin. Otherwise, love the mood and colors. Stunning overall.

  8. I actually think the size of the models complements the theme of this shoot perfectly….awesome images, beautiful clothing and make-up, and EPIC lighting. Congrats to all on a fantastic shoot!

  9. Oh wow. These are stunning. Yes the models appear to be quite underweight, but I do actually know people who eat their weight in food but manage to look much the same. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  10. I agree with #1. You shouldn’t be encouraging photoshoots where the models are clearly (dangerously) underweight. It’s a sick tradition in the fashion world that will only come to an end when we, the consumers and admirers, decide we won’t stand for it.

  11. Usually I’m not one to bitch about the size of models….. But hopefully these chicks are praying for some sammiches.

    Oh well, the photography IS beautiful.

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