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Designer unkown. Via Bioephemera.

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  1. Oh, mlleghoul [et al]—I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the designer remains unknown. Miyake Juin is the photographer—one whom, ironically enough, I contacted last summer when I randomly stumbled upon

    & from there,
    literally h u n d r e d s upon h u n d r e d s of others …

    Year after year, two times a year (sound familiar, fashion fiends?)

    & in March of ’10, the brilliance that found its way here…

    despite my consternation many months ago. No idea if the lone response of “Incredible!” from tuipcook dangling beneath Mr. Thing’s flickkawickawicka will still be there by the time I finish this most verbose reply, but I can tell you this: it’s similar to the initial one I left, which I discounted “[must’ve] having been a computer glitch,” when I checked the next day. However, after I left a new set of words that tallied up, more or less, to the sum of what I previously stated [AstoundedByYourWorkWouldGreatlyAppreciateItIfYouGrantedPermissionForAFewOfTheShotsToBeBlogged, et cet]

    No response—nor other signs of life…until POOF! Again, the axe.

    & so the pendulum has continued to swing: a new cast of characters, same story. & always but always: a rapid turn-over rate. To this day, I’m still curious whom the designer is, as I think it’d be fascinating to track his or her artistic development. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long till the nascent days of Nancy Drew-in’ lost their adrenaline kick, & the routine grew old…(I, the same).

    Why I remain nonplussed: Juin has amassed such a fkn’ cranium-shattering, [oftentimes] brilliant catalog of textile artistry that—even & especially in this digital age of image re-appropriation/media supersaturation in which we live, where theft of intellectual properties transpires in the span of a snap!…camera, flash; the “send” button pressed; it’s a wrap—it astounds me how innocuously they’re hidden away. In plain sight. Buried deep within his tidy little “sets”: some of which remain at a criminal 4-7 views. Total.

    Granted, some of the creations are more on-point than others…check out the pinwheel & crotch-bow combo, for a grin.

    Full-on LOLercaust, howevs? Trust: within his feed, you’ll find no short supply—
    Oh no no no…& how.

    [ S E L F ± E D I T ± H E R E B Y ± I M P O S E D , for D E A R ± L O R D ! If I don’t “cut myself off” now? Well, that’s a blank I doubt few need filled . . . ]

    Apologies for the “TL;DR” &
    Best Of Luck!*

    *for all our sakes, riiiight?

  2. This is the original source of the photo: There are more photos from the show on that photostream, and here:

    From what I know, it’s from March 20th during China Fashion Week, so it’s Fall 2010. It was held at Shih Chien University ( and the title of the show is “Artificial Beauty”. The designer’s name is listed in Chinese and I’ve translated it to search for them on Google, but no luck for anything in English. Chinese: ??? / ??? / ??? English: Chen Lijin / Lin pure / Yang Chun as.

  3. Oh no! I saw this yesterday and it’s really been freaking me out that no one knows who the designer is. I thought if anyone might, it would be you guys! Ah, well. It’s incredible, nevertheless.