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I’m Having A “Mugler Moment” Again…

& we should probably talk about it:
about how I’ve relapsed into insidious habits
of internet roulette & obsession,

thierry mugler, helmut newton“Monaco” by Helmut Newton, 1998  †  source: We Are Private

about how I’ve been lurking legitimate sites
(subjective, yes—ditto, option of quotation marks to frame legitimate)
to mine images, as well as Photobucket, TinyPic, et al.

thierry mugler, dominique issermannphotograph by Dominique Isserman, 1997

thierry mugler, linda evangelistaLinda Evangelista † source : Lotsa ‘Splainin To Do

Matter of fact, it’s likely we should ‘process’ how
trolling forums of which I’m not a member at 3 a.m.
to ogle Communist-style jumpsuits

thierry mugler, communist jumpsuit


thierry mugler, communist style dresssource: The Fashion Spot

might not be considered wise behavior for someone whose Achilles’ Heel
is time management.

Yes, this…We should probably talk about all of this—

but at the moment, I’m too intoxicated by the awe-inspiring imagery collected in

Thierry Mugler, Fetish Fashion FantasyFashion Fetish Fantasy, 1998

of which I yearn for the return
to my claws again,


Thierry Mugler Photographé Photographé,1988

never has been there—
never has a copy been mine mine mine…


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  1. I have LOVED Thierry Mugler for years. I have all his books and wear his colognes daily. He is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!