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Decadent Designs Dress Winner

Congratulations to reader Kat for winning the Decadent Designs Dress!

Kat plans on wearing her dress to :

I’d wear it to my best friends wedding. I’m her maid of honor and I was allowed to pick my own dress as long as it was black. The task is actually quite daunting because every dress black dress I come across looks more suited for a high school prom. This dress however provides elegance , class, and still allows the wearer to say, “Hey, I’m still a rebel at heart.”

Sorry for the late posting, but we wanted to ensure that the auction to benefit Tor received some proper top of page time!

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  1. HI, I really wished to say thanks regarding doing this particular blog website. I make an attempt to come here weekly to read the topics. Keep up the great work.

  2. I want to thank you guys so much! I can’t wait for my friend’s big day to show this off. (Of course she still gets the spot light!) Keep being fabulous Haute Macabre!